Imlie : Imlie’s Decision !

Imlie with Atharva visits Bhaskar Times and hands over footage to boss. Atharva says she may get promotion with his footage. Imlie says she just wants culprits to be punished. Boss plays footage. Everyone clap seeing Imlie’s bravery. Boss says Mohan thought she is his boss, she did a good job.

At Rana house, Devika shows her concern for Imlie and says today Atharva and Dhairya saved Imlie, but she may get into trouble later. Rudra asks her not to worry about Imlie, he will increase her security. Devika says she wants something else. Imlie informs boss that along with being a reporter at Bhaskar Times, she is also a director of operations at Rudra’s company. Boss says she has to leave Bhaskar Times if she wants to work for her company.

Devika tells Rudra that she doesn’t want Imlie to work in his company. Keya smirks standing behind. Atharva requests Imlie’s boss not to ask Imlie either of his job. Imlie says she will take a break from journalism as Rudra’s company needs her most and requests boss to give her leave for some time. Boss agrees and encourages her to return after finishing her mission. Everyone clap for Imlie again.

Rudra explains Devika that she should see the happiness on Imie’s face at work, says his company needs Imlie’s help, and assures her to increase Imlie’s security. Keya says when will they look after other responsibilities if they get busy in Imlie’s security, it would be weird for a family bahu to work between so many unknown men.

Imlie walks in with Atharva and says she doesn’t feel weird as her work doesn’t see a gender and Rudra completely trusts his employees, she can’t doubt Rudra’s trust. Atharva asks Keya if she does. Keya says no. Atharva says its decided then that Imlie will continue to work as director of operations. Devika angrily walks away saying she will into interfere between company issues.

Imlie and Atharva spend quality time together and click selfies. Main To Tera Banchuka Hoon.. song plays in the background. They get carried away into each other. Imlie then gets alert and asks Atharva if they can watch photos now. He says yes. Next morning, Atharva wakes up and looks at Imlie’s face. Imlie’s phone rings. Imlie wakes up hurriedly.

Atharva nervously asks her to pick her phone as its ringing since long. Imlie asks what was he looking at. Atharva says that wall. Imlie says it looks so beautiful and nothing is beautiful than it in the world. Atharva says there is something else which is more beautiful. She asks what. Ginni calls them to come out for pooja. Atharva says good timing and goes to freshen up.

Keya and Akash bail out Mohan and ask him to do something for them in return. Imlie and Atharva attend family pooja. Imlie gets ready for office and decides to have navratri fast with Devika and Shivani. Devika asks how will she manage her work empty stomach. Imlie says she will manage. Keya steals Imlie’s mobile from her bag.

Imlie reaches office and finds garbage around the company. She addresses employees about the importance of cleanliness and seeks their help in cleaning office. Employees discuss its difficult to maintain cleanliness in office. Dhairya says she forcefully entered their office and teaching cleanliness to them, they will not obey her orders. Employees clap for him.

Precap: Dhairya kidnaps Imlie at gunpoint. Atharva and police try to save her. Devika prays god to help Atharva save Imlie.
Atharva searches for Imlie while she is seen tied inside a truck.

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