Molkki 3rd November 2021 Written Episode Update

Purvi tells Sakshi to let it be. She did not do it intentionally. Sakshi refuses. It is as much about the baby as it is about you! She fires Nisha.

In the kitche, Sakshi tells Nisha she did well by taking the blame on herself. Flashback shows Sakshi keeping the papaya in the fruit tray. Nisha notices it and cuts it for Purvi along with other fruits. Flashback ends. Sakshi pays money to Nisha to keep quiet on this matter. Nisha assures her about it. Thank you for this. Let me know if you need anything in future. She leaves. Sakshi is sure Mukhi ji will soon see Purvi acting careless because of her plans. He will take the chance back then. Another flashback shows Sakshi following Manas till the room as he gives fruits to Purvi. Sakshi decides to wait for the right time. I have to show Mukhi ji that Purvi is very careless and that she wont be able to handle a kid well. She turns around and notices Virender speaking on phone. She screams Purvi’s name just when Purvi is about to eat papaya. She barges inside the room and stops Purvi. Flashback ends.

Virender comes to his room and finds Purvi studying about healthy food for pregnant women. She apologizes to him for what had happened earlier. I will not let your baby be in risk. Virender tells her he knows her well. You will learn things quickly. Sakshi is losing things one by one so she got angry. Purvi says I can understand. Even I feel bad for her at times but she is doing it for my sake only. She was right. I shouldn’t have taken a decision without thinking it through. I assure you that I will learn everything soon. Virender tells Purvi he is sure she will take good care of the baby for 9 months. Don’t think about it too much. She nods and hugs him as she says thank you. Sakshi looks on.

Next morning, Purvi is chasing the kids. Virender holds her when she is about to trip. Why are you running? Women walk very carefully in this condition and you are running here. Purvi reasons that exercise is good for mother and baby in this condition. He points out that it was exercise, not running. Give me breakfast now. Purvi tells him that she will give it to him after puja. He nods.

Purvi does puja. She wears heels and loses her balance immediately. She falls flat on her face. Sakshi hears her scream and runs downstairs. Virender, Manas and Juhi rush to her side as well. How did you fall? Purvi says I slipped somehow. hope the baby is fine. They take her to her room and call the baby. Docs checks Purvi. She is fine. She tells everyone that Purvi is indeed pregnant. The procedure was successful. It is good that both of them are fine. It would have been risky for them if there was anything serious. She tells Purvi to take rest. Initial months are very critical. Purvi nods. Doc leaves.

Sakshi sits next to Purvi. Now you are not that old Purvi who can become a kid with kids and run around. You will have to be smart and careful now as you are going to become a mother. Purvi says I was walking very carefully but I don’t know how I slipped while wearing sandals. Virender asks her where she is lost these days. I had warned you even when you were chasing Juhi and Manas. Purvi nods. I wasn’t being careless though. I was taking every step very carefully and slowly but I tripped the moment I wore those sandals. Maybe something is wrong with them. Virender asks the maid to bring Purvi’s sandals. Maid gives it to Virender. He looks at them and shows to Purvi too. They are clean. You are making excuses for no reason.

Flashback shows Sakshi watching Purvi while she does puja. She picks up Purvi’s sandals and rubs cream on them. After Purvi fell, Sakshi stays back to call the doc. She cleans the sandals during that time and even wipes the floor clean. Now Purvi will be blamed for it. Mukhi ji wont find any proof and wont trust Purvi. I will be safe. Flashback ends.

Purvi tries to explain but Virender tells her to rest quietly.

Sakshi gives milk to Virender. Don’t worry. I don’t know whether to say this to you or not but Purvi is very careless. How can she be this careless or childish when she is going to become a mother? She may be capable of giving birth to our baby but I am really worried. How will she keep the baby safe for 9 months as she continues making mistakes? She is not able to understand how important this baby is for Manas’s sake. I understand that she loves Manas a lot but she is not able to understand the emotions of a mother. Sometimes I feel as if I should have given birth to this baby. There wouldn’t be anything wrong then. He looks at her. Sakshi says I am really worried for Manas. Forgive me if you felt bad about it. What if Purvi makes a mistake even when we have done so much? What will happen to Manas? Sakshi leaves.

Juhi wipes Purvi’s tears. We know that you are crying because Babbar Sher scolded you. Manas says he is used to scolding people all the time. Purvi says I am not worried about that. I cannot understand how I slipped though. I have been very careful lately yet things continue to go wrong. Juhi asks her if they should apologize to Babbar Sher on her behalf. She shakes her head. They tell her a plan and Purvi agrees.

Kids ask Virender to help them prepare for a play. He gives in reluctantly. Everyone else is already in the living room. Juhi tells Virender that they have called others to help them too. Everyone sits down. Virender asks them what this drama is about. You do enough drama at home daily. Juhi tells them the story of a prince turning into frog because of a spell. Frog will become prince again after kissing his princess. Virender is told to be the frog. They make him wear a hat, frog eyes and a cape. Juhi tells him to kiss on the hands of everyone in order to find out who the real princess is. They start with Prakashi and Sakshi is next. Anjali approaches Virender when it is her turn. Manas tells haathi to go next. Virender holds her hand and kisses it. Kids jump as he removes his eye mask. You have turned into prince again. They ask him to kiss their princess again. He kisses her again. Purvi apologizes to Virender again. He apologizes to her too. I was worried about you and the baby so I scolded you instead. They hug. Sakshi looks on. Purvi is too cunning. She used kids to apologize to Virender again. It is Karwachauth tomorrow. I will snatch Mukhi ji back from her then only.

Precap: Update in Progress

Update Credit to: Pooja

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