Sirf Tum 15th February 2022 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Ranveer drags the man out and slaps him. He shouts why did you call Rakesh a cheater? Why did you throw a shoe at him? He breaks a bottle on his head and asks who is behind all this? Open your mouth before I cut off your tongue. A man shows proof against Rakesh to Vikrant. The police arrive there and the man says we have proof against him.

Rakesh tells Vikrant that you know I am a loyal man. Vikrant says all proofs are against you, why would they blame you for nothing? I can’t do anything. Rakesh’s wife pleads him to not do this, he takes this company as a family.

Sohani cries as they arrest Rakesh. She says he didn’t do anything wrong. A man says he is a cheater. The police are taking Rakesh away, Sohani is pleading with people to stop him and cries. Dadi falls down seeing him getting arrested. She runs behind him. Vikrant smirks and thinks now I have brought him down. Rakesh is about to be taken away but Ranveer is standing outside, waiting for all of them.

Ranveer tells the inspector that you are arresting an honorable man without investigating. The inspector asks him to move away otherwise he will be taken away also. Ranveer says if you don’t leave him then it won’t be good for you. He holds a stick and lights it.

Mamta asks what is he doing? Ranveer says I will burn your car and then the person who tries to take him away. He says don’t take this as a threatening, you can’t take an honest man away. Vikrant asks him to move away, don’t do this drama. Ranveer says I can’t let them arrest a good man, ask them to leave him otherwise.. Vikrant says I didn’t do anything, the employees have complained against him.

Ranveer says where did these employees come from? You have to stop the police otherwise I will burn everything down. Vikrant says you are threatening me for a common man? Vikrant takes a stick and is about to beat him. Ravneer also holds his stick. They are about to attack each other but Rakesh stops him. He tells Ranveer that I am innocent and I trust the law.


Ranveer says I don’t trust these people, they will present you as a criminal so I won’t let them take him away. The inspector says we have complaints against him for cheating. We have to arrest him. Ranveer says I am the owner of this company and I am giving a statement that he didn’t do any fraud so leave him. All look on. Ranveer says let’s ask the employee also. He brings the man who complained against Rakesh.

The man says we did a mistake in checking the accounts, Rakesh didn’t do any fraud so I am sorry. The man says sorry to Rakesh and says we were mistaken so we are taking the complaint back. The inspector leaves Rakesh. His family is happy to see him free. Sohani hugs Rakesh and thanks Ranveer. His family hugs him. Dadi says Ranveer has favored us one more time.

Rakesh smiles and holds Ranveer’s hand, he takes him from there. Sohani and others run behind them. Vikrant is angry seeing all that. He slaps his man and says I told you if you couldn’t complete your plan then I won’t spare you. The man says you should have controlled your son. Vikrant says I did a mistake by trusting you, don’t show your face again. He leaves from there. The man is angry.

Rakesh brings Ranveer to his home and glances at him. Ranveer is confused.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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