Udaariyaan 22nd January 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Tejo shouting Amrik… She shouts Fateh, Papa ji… They all come and attend Amrik. Fateh ties a kerchief to Amrik’s hand. He sprinkles water on Amrik’s face. Gurpreet sees Amrik and faints down. Fateh and everyone take Amrik to the hospital. Doctor says inform the police. Tejo says we will do, you take him first. Fateh recalls Amrik and cries. Amrik gets treated in the OT. Bhai tera jaisa….plays…

Fateh and Tejo hold Khushbeer. Khushbeer asks Tejo to talk to Gurpreet. Tejo takes the call. She asks Gurpreet to take care of herself. Doctor says there is much blood loss, but thankfully main nerve isn’t damaged, he is out of danger, you can take him home tomorrow, you can meet him after he gets shifted to the room. Tejo asks Khushbeer not to worry. Gurpreet, Simran and Mahi come.

She says I want to meet him. Tejo says you can meet him, but we shouldn’t fall weak in front of him. Gurpreet says how can he think of giving his life. Nurse comes and says you can meet him now. She meets Amrik and says nothing will happen to you. He says sorry mummy, I was too scared so I took this step. Gurpreet asks how did you do this. Amrik says forgive me mummy, I will never take this step, I don’t want to go to jail. He apologizes. Fateh says you are our lion, why did you do this, cowards commit suicide.

Amrik says I thought of it. Fateh says one shouldn’t lose to life’s problems, you have entire family with you, suicide is an easy way for cowards, brave people fight the problems, we have no right to hurt the family. Tejo says Amrik is fine. Gurpreet stops Khushbeer from going to Amrik. She says you wanted to take him to the police station, if anything happened to him, then I would have not forgiven you. She scolds him.

She says you have always been strict towards them, so they went on a wrong path, I won’t let you scare them, its enough. Khushbeer cries and leaves. Fateh goes after him. Tejo hugs Gurpreet and calms her down. She says you should have not told him so much, he is also hurt like you, Amrik is his son also, why would any father wish bad for his children. Fateh goes to Khushbeer and says mummy didn’t mean that.

Khushbeer says yes, she is right, forgive me Fateh. They hug. Saathi re….plays… Tejo looks on. She says Amrik wants to meet you. Fateh wipes his tears. Khushbeer goes in. He says forgive me, I want to help you. Nurse asks them to go out, they can take Amrik home tomorrow, just one of them can stay. Khushbeer says I will stay with him. Tejo asks Gurpreet to go home. Gurpreet thanks her for always supporting them in sorrow. She asks Fateh to drop Tejo home. Fateh and Tejo are on the way. Fateh recalls everything. He stops the car and gets down. He cries.

Tejo goes and holds him. He holds her hand and cries a lot. He says I never saw dad like this, Amrik is my younger brother, if anything happened to him today. Tejo consoles him. She asks him to be strong. He says I lost. She says no, your name is Fateh, how can you lose, I know you will win Amrik’s trust soon, you understood relations now, you will do anything to keep the relations, you are a very good brother and son, don’t fall weak. Ye duniya….plays…

He says thanks for encouraging me. She asks him to come, she will drive. Khushbeer is on some call. Nurse comes and asks him to get some medicines from outside. He asks how can I leave my son alone. She says don’t worry, I m here. He says okay, don’t leave him alone. Jasmin comes there as the nurse. Nurse calls her and says he left, come soon. Jasmin goes to Amrik. She pays the nurse. Nurse says you have just 10 mins, there should be no noise. Jasmin thanks her. Jasmin smiles seeing Amrik.

Amrik wakes up. He sees her. She shuts him up. She says you did a mistake to attempt suicide, don’t shout, my plan will fail if anything happens to you, I have made this plan. Amrik says you want to get me hanged, I can’t tolerate it. Jasmin says don’t play these games with me. She warns him. She says you remember how I ignited fire in diwali party, keep your mouth shut, don’t do anything. She gets nurse’s call. She says I m coming. She asks Amrik to sleep. Khushbeer comes. She leaves. Amrik sees her at the door. He holds Khushbeer’s hand and cries. Khushbeer asks are you fine. Amrik asks will we go home tomorrow. Khushbeer says yes. Jasmin is on the way. She says now Virks have to accept my demand. Someone comes in front of the car. She stops the car and gets down. He goes and sees someone. Fateh comes.

Fateh holds Tejo. She drives the scooty. He smiles. Fateh asks Khushbeer not to worry. Khushbeer asks will you marry Jasmin. Tejo looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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