Udaariyaan 30th October 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Tejo thinking what’s happening. Angad dances. He catches a cock Gullu and asks him to become fast and the furious. The people see the roosters racing. Angad catches Gullu and dances. He says Gullu had to win. She goes and asks for Angad. Angad drinks lassi. Tejo says I m Tejo Virk, I had an appointment with him. Manager says I think Sir forgot again, come with me. He asks her to sit. Angad says my Gullu is clever, he doesn’t wear any gold. He cracks a joke. He asks manager to laugh first and then say.

Manager shows Tejo to him. Angad smiles. He goes to her and asks her to say. She says I have work with Angad, not you, I m Tejo Virk, I came from champion academy, I have a meeting with him. He says he is busy. She says he gave me 11 am time and its 12.15 now, tell me where is he, else you go. He says you can tell me, I m his special man. She asks why shall I tell you, I have work with him. He jokes. She says I m asking you about Mr. Maan, he should know his staff is so useless. He says sorry, you wait in the office, don’t have lassi. She says thanks, where is the office. He says that way. She goes.

The lady asks Tejo to sit. Tejo looks at the huge office area. Angad comes talking on call. He says Hi, I m Angad Maan, you wanted to complain about someone. She asks are you Angad Maan. He says people call me that. She asks what was all that. He says you are judging me. She says no, I can’t think that you would get happiness in these little things. He asks is golgappa big or pumpkin. She says pumpkin. He says but golgappa tastes better, my funda is one, work like a donkey, jump like a monkey, one should celebrate every moment, this makes life better. He jokes. She laughs. He says I have researched about your champions academy, I would like to see the proposal. She explains.

He smiles seeing her. She slips. He holds her hand and saves her. He says I like your plan, I want to see your academy tomorrow. She says sure, thanks. She leaves.

At home, Tejo tells everyone about Angad. She says I feel this man will bring a big change in our fate, he liked our proposal, lets see what he says tomorrow. Fateh says it looks good. Biji says Fateh’s lost respect will also come back on this diwali, this will happen because of our Tejo. Jasmin comes home from shopping. She says its good I got you all here. Fateh says come, I will give you a good news. Jasmin says I want to tell you something, its a big event of Fateh and my lives, Tejo and Fateh will get divorced in some days, I have planned Fateh and my engagement. Everyone gets angry.

Jasmin says I have done shopping from your side, I knew it that you all will be busy. Tejo cries. Fateh says we didn’t talk about it. She asks what’s the need, everyone knows it, I have taken this step, Tejo tell them, this takes a lot of time. Fateh says divorce didn’t happen. She says so what, it will happen, I can’t wait more. Khushbeer scolds her. He says this engagement won’t happen until divorce happens, Tejo is Fateh’s wife, if this engagement happens, then we will not attend it, take these things and get lost from here. Rupy and Satti come home.

Rupy says we will also not become a part of their drama. He greets Biji. Khushbeer asks them to come. Tejo goes with them. Fateh asks why are you in a hurry. He goes. Jasmin says I m in a hurry, I will see how no one comes in our engagement. Its morning, Tejo asks Gopal to go out and see if Angad has come. Fateh says he is a rich man, he will be coming. She says I m tensed that he might have changed his mind. They hear some sound and go to see. They see Angad fighting.

Angad falls down. Angad asks Tejo to give her hand. Fateh asks him to come. Angad says Tejo’s hand is enough. He gets up. He says you have good players. Fateh says I m Fateh Singh Virk. Angad says Virk, I m Angad Maan, you are a boxer, great. Tejo says I hope you had no trouble coming here. Angad says you are a very good trainer, very nice, why did you leave boxing, you have fantastic records. Tejo says youth needs right guidance. Angad says I also feel the same, partnership is on. She asks really. They shake hands. He says I will write a partnership deed and give it, tell me, we will start it with a party, we shall celebrate, lets have a diwali party, we will announce the partnership, I will invite my investors and friends, fine. She says yes. He asks her to do arrangements at his farmhouse, Rajat will help them. He says I like pictures, lets have a bollywood theme. She says sure. He leaves.

Fateh says he is crazy. She says yes, but he is good, congrats. They don’t shake hands. She says we have much work. They go and make arrangements. Jasmin comes and looks on. Tejo says I m scared, we didn’t plan such a big event. Fateh says don’t worry, I m with you. The families come, and say we are also with you. Khushbeer says entire family is with you. Fateh says big celebs are going to come in the party. Tejo says its a bollywood style party. Jasmin thinks your academy launch party will change into Jasmin and Fateh’s engagement party.

Angad and Tejo dance in the party. Fateh looks on. Jasmin says see how I celebrate my engagement in your diwali Jashan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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