Yeh Hai Chahatein : Rudraksh & Roohi’s Bond Grow Stronger

Roohi buys clothes for Rudra at a boutique. Preesha asks why did she buy elder’s clothes. She says its for Saachi’s father as a birthday gift, she bought dhoti kurta for him. Back home, Rudra struggles to wear dhoti and asks Roohi why didn’t she bring a pant. She says its a village and men wear dhoti here. He finally succeeds and dances happily. He then asks if she brought food for him. She gives him tiffin and says she bought it from Saachi’s house as mamma started doubting her. He finishes food. She sings Saathiya Ye Tune Kya Kiya.. song. He is amazed to hear her song and says she is a singer. She says she is a classical singer and asks him to complete his concert song. He sings his one time wonder song Will You Marry Me… and then asks her to sing along him. She sings. He emotionally lifts him and finishing song praises her singing and then asks how did she sing. She says he sang okay.

He goes into flashback where he sings a song and asks Preesha how did he sing. She says okay, not so good. He catches her and gets romantic. She says she was joking, he sings good. Out of flashback, he gets emotional. Roohi says she will go now as mamma must be waiting her for lunch. He asks her to bring her blanket to him even today. She says she cannot as mamma will get angry again. Back home, while having lunch, she sings will you marry me.. Preesha amazed asks where did she learn this song from. She says from Rudra. Preesha asks if she attended concert. She says Saachi attended it and was singing whole day, so she byhearted it. Preesha feels confused.

Bunty returns to Khurana house. Sharda and Vyjayanti get worried for him. Back at Rothak, Roohi silently takes Preesha’s shawl from her cupboard and gives it to Rudra. Rudra remembers Preesha wearing similar shawl and thinks if Roohi’s mother Priya is Preesha. He insists Roohi to let him meet her mother. Roohi denies fearing Preesha. Rudra gets sad remembering Preesha and their romantic days, and Preesha gets sad remembering him.

Precap: Rudra asks Roohi to introduce him to her mamma today. Roohi says they are going to mela today, so he can come there.
Rudra reaches mela. Sarpanch’s goons notice him and think of informing sarpanch. Roohi shows Preesha standing far away. Rudra looks at her.

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