Yeh Hai Chahatein : Samrat Gets emotional !

Mahima gets intoxicated and dances intimately with Pradyuman in a club till late night. Her friends remind her that its already 12 and she should return home. Pradyuman asks what is their problem. Friend says its Mahima’s jaago ritual today and she needs to rush home. Mahima refuses and continues to dance hugging Pradyuman. Pradyuman says he will drop them home. Friends leave asking him to drop Mahima home as they don’t want any issues.

Sam gets emotional seeing Kashvi and asks Nayan if he can touch Kashvi. Nayan says he can touch his daughter. Sam holds Kashvi’s hand and emotionally describes how she is brave like her mother. Nayan says she is also short tempered like him. Sam says when he first met her, he felt she is Nayan’s shadow and got connected to her.

Kashvi opens eyes and seeing Sam recalls his and Nayan’s fight and asks what is he doing here. Sam asks her to relax as everything is sorted out between him and her other. Nayan says there is no misunderstanding now. Sam apologizes Nayan. Nayan says its okay, let’s forget what happened. Sam says Nayan gave him a precious gift. Kashvi asks what? Nayan gets tensed.

Arjun walks in and gets happy seeing her awake. He hugs her and says he is very happy. Kashvi asks him to relax as she is still weak. Arjun says she will be discharged in some time, then they will go home and then they will enjoy his and Mahima’s wedding rituals. Sam leaves wishing Kashvi bye. Arjun asks how Sam changed suddenly, he was fight some time ago and now looks so calm.

Nayan and Arjun take Kashvi home after discharge. Sam follows them and waits outside. Romila questions her. Nayan informs about Kashvi’s hospitalization. Romila says she would have called her husband who would have reached for help. Nayan says Arjun helped her. She walks out and tells Sam that she will pay his money soon. Sam gets out of car. Nayan hopes he leaves soon or else someone will notice him. She returns back home and asks Romila about Mahima as she needs to perform .

Romila notices Mahima coming home with Pradyuman and lies she must be sleeping. Nayan walks to her room. Husband asks Romila why didn’t she tell Nayan that Mahima went to her friend Veera’s house. Romila asks him not to use his brain and rushes out to receive Mahima. Pradyuman lifts unconscious Mahima and walks towards home.

Romila asks what happened to her. Pradyuman says she got drunk and fell unconscious, so he came to drop her home. Romila asks him to go as she will take Mahima home. Pradyuman leaves. Sam fumes seeing Pradyuman with Mahima and thinks he didn’t change even after his warning, now he has to act tough.

Romila makes Mahima sleep on her bed and thanks god that Nayan didn’t see them. Husband asks what is she up to. Romila reveals that greedy Mahima wants to marry rich Pradyuman and not Arjun, they will help her go against Nayan and marry Pradyuman and grab money from her later; they will even use her to defame Nayan. Husband likes her idea.

Nayan tries to wake up Mahima for jaago ritual and smells alcohol from Mahima’s mouth. She is shocked to see Mahima in skimpy clothes and realizes that Romila lied. She thinks how will Mahima perform jaago ritual now. Nitya and Jagadish welcome guests for the ritual. They notice Arjun ready for the function and taunt him.

Nayan panics thinking what will she tell Nitya. Daadi walks in and she also panics seeing Mahima’s condition. Kashvi joins them and fails to wake up Mahima. Nayan asks what will they answer Nitya as guests must have come. Daadi says they will replace Kashvi with Mahima and perform the ritual.

Precap: Daadi tells Nayan that they will hide Kashvi’s face and make sit for the ritual. Sam helps Nayan during function. Romila gets suspicious and tries to lift Kashvi’s ghunghat.

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