Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : It’s War Between Goenka’s & Birla’s

Akshu saying its not Abhi’s mistake. Everyone comes. Manish says fine, we will help Abhi if he is innocent, his family will follow the legal process. She thanks him. He says its happening because I don’t want bad to happen with anyone innocent, I didn’t forgive you. Shefali says I m preparing to report from home. Parth says you want to use this family matter for your news. They argue. He throws the things and asks her to get out of the house. She says I m really fed up, I don’t want to stay with you, when you can’t see your wife’s success and blame me for your failure, I m going. Abhi stops her. He asks them to calm down and talk, decision taken in anger is wrong, sorry, everybody is suffering because of me.

Akshu thanks Manish and says sorry for the lie, you said that lie told for someone’s good isn’t a lie, thanks for helping Abhi. She smiles. Kairav says its good idea to talk to medical association. Aarohi says we should save Abhi’s career. Manish says yes, we will leave in 10 mins. Harsh says lawyer is coming, Abhi tell us if you remember anything, your medical license will get cancelled, you can’t practice for ten years. Abhi thinks I can’t take Akshu’s name. Harsh asks him to just think and tell them. Manjiri says Akshu was there, Abhi it is about you, I can’t stay silent. Harsh asks what, she was there, he is silent till now, is he mad, now the truth will come out, that girl will tell us. Abhi says you won’t bring her. Harsh says she has to give the testimony, we will go to Goenkas. Abhi shouts you won’t go there, she won’t come in between this.

Aarohi says I will come along. Akhilesh says no, wait here. Akshu and everyone see Harsh and family at their door. Harsh recalls saying fine, calm down, we won’t go, our lawyers will handle everything, we are Birlas, relax now. Abhi says remember what you said and what I said. Harsh nods. Abhi goes to his room. Anand asks what did you say, who will give the testimony. Harsh says she will give it, we will go to Goenkas, lawyer will keep Abhi busy. Anand says you lied to him. Harsh says yes, he isn’t able to understand the truth. Akshu prays. Neil says if Abhi knows then… Manjiri says he will get angry, let it be. Abhi talks to the lawyer. He sees lawyer signing to Manjiri. Mahima says Abhi can get saved from this case. Suwarna says we also want to save him. Harsh says he is innocent, Akshu has spoiled everything, now she can fix it.

Manish says don’t get her name in between, she wanted to help Abhi. Harsh argues. Anand says we want Akshu to go and say the truth, its a request. Harsh says we didn’t come to plead, she created this problem, its about our hospital and Abhi’s career. Manish says I feel you are ordering her. Harsh says its her mistake, she has to fix this, you know whatever happened in the hospital, she was in Abhi’s cabin, she has seen everything, she has to tell everyone and prove him innocent. Manish and Harsh argue. Kairav says Akshu was coming there. Anand says we don’t want this drama. Harsh says we have come because Akshu can help Abhi.

Akhilesh asks Akshu not to talk in between. Harsh says come to the point, you want to take revenge on us. Akshu says don’t fight, calm down. Harsh says come with us and tell the truth. Akhilesh asks Akshu and Aarohi to go inside. Harsh says come with us. Manish says I will decide, where they will go. Aarohi takes Akshu and says this happened because of you. Manish scolds them. Mahima says try to understand, our reputation and Abhi’s career are at stake, so we are asking help. Manish says then request us. Harsh says you are still troubling us, your daughter will ruin my son.

Akhilesh says we can say the same about your son. Kairav says you didn’t understand about my sister, media will get after her, we were getting her, but not now. Manish says a person doesn’t become respectable if he gets money. Abhi comes. Akshu says when fire is blown, then its blown off, one shouldn’t add the ghee. Aarohi asks why do you ignite the fire. Akshu prays that everything gets fine. Abhi recalls checking Harsh’s message on the lawyer’s phone. Akshu thinks of Abhi. Dil se bandhi….plays… Aarohi stops her. Abhi says just I will talk, final time, clearly. Akshu says you can’t stop me, I will go. Aarohi says listen to Manish at least. Akshu says let me go. Abhi says whatever happens, Akshu’s name won’t be involved in this case. Akshu and Aarohi come out and see Abhi. Abhi says I don’t care for myself, if her name comes in between, then I won’t care for anyone. Akshu cries.

Abhi says you lied and came here, I told you, Akshu’s name shouldn’t come out, I will see who will dare to drag her, come. He apologizes to Manish. He says I promise, Akshu’s name won’t come in this case. He leaves with his family. Akshu says Abhimanyu in her heart. He stops.

Harsh says I will drag Akshu to the court. Abhi says then I will accept that I did wrong with Ruby. Akshu prays. She goes to help Abhi. Kairav says you won’t go.

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