Choti Sardarni 20th December 2021 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Seher asks who else donated blood? Rajveer prays for Karan. Seher asks the kids to pray with her. The kids ask why did Param hit Karan? Rajveer goes to the temple and prays. He says I have made a huge sin. Param and Seher pray together. Rajveer prays for Karan. He sits down and cries. Karan’s condition gets worse. Everyone keeps praying. Rajveer says please baba ji give Karan your blessing.

The doctor comes out. Seher says how is Karan? The doctor says we didn’t think this would happen but.. Seher says but what? He says I feel like you all love him a lot. Your prayers have saved him. He’s out of danger. Seher hugs Param. Seher says can we meet Karan? inspector comes and says he was attacked. We will meet him first. Seher says it’s our family matter. The doctor says he’s under observation. He can’t give a statement. Inspector says we will wait. Harleen says to Param come with me. We are going to the lawyer. I don’t want a case agaisnt you. I don’t trust Karan. Kulwant says do you have any shame? It was a happy day for my kids and see what you did. Are you not done yet? Seher says you did so wrong bua. You’ve hurt Karan’s heart not just his body. You freshened up his wounds.

Scene 2
Param cries. Kulwant says you have cracked the bond between two brothers. Harleen says I don’t want your lectures. Karan.. Kulwant says don’t take his name. Harleen says you called him snake. Kulwant says I repent for my mistake. look at you. How will you face Meher and Sarab? Bitu and Rana say we won’t let you crack bond of two brothers like this. Kulwant says I won’t let you do this. Harleen says dirt blood shows its colors. Seher says enough. Papa mama only wanted us three to be together. Mama made me promise I will keep my brothers united. We are the pride of our father. We can die but never part. Harleen says I won’t let Param be affected. Seher says Karan would never complaint against Param. Harleen says you are our blood but Karan would never be a part of this family. You’re my niece. My life, but I won’t let an outside be a part of my house. If you stand with him, I will stand agianst you.

Seher says mama kept her family umited and stood by them. I will keep my family united like her. I will fight for what is right. You can become my enemy but you’ll always be Harleen bua for me. Relations are made with heart not blood. If mama believed in names she would never accept Param. I will change your perception like mama. Harleen says do what you like. I will do what I want. Doctor says Karan is conscious. Param says let’s go see him. Harleen tries to stop Param. Kulwant says I am giving you last chance. Don’t come between these siblings.

Scene 3
Seher hugs Karan. She says thank God you’re okay. Param comes in. Param says how are you? Seher says we will feed you and make you full. Karan says ask this Param to leave. Seher is shocked. Seher recalls Meher’s promise.

Episode ends.

Precap-Seher sees a wound on Rajveer’s foot. She dressses his wound. Rajveer kisses Seher.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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