Imlie 13th March : Binni Reveals Everything About Raghu’s Death !

Imlie tells Amrith that he tried hard to prove Sonali characterless, but she didn’t have to put much effort to prove him wrong. She asks ladies who character assassinated Sonali to apologize Sonali. Nirmala yells at Imlie that she is speaking too much and insulting them. Surya supports Imlie and says they all character assassinated Sonali just by seeing 2 pics and didn’t question Amrith, they didn’t ask what was his mistake and just barged on Sonali. He gives a speech on woman’s dignity and people supporting a culprit instead of a victim, etc., and encourages to support women like Sonali. Amrith calls him a duplicate BIL and warns him to stay away from the issue. Surya says though he is duplicate, he is Sonali’s brother and nobody can dare trouble his sister.

Amrith tries to speak to Sonali. Imlie warns him to stay away from Sonali. Amrith says Imlie ruined his life and so he will end her chapter today. He breaks a bottle and tries to stab Imlie. Surya stops him and warns him to stay away from Imlie. Amrith says last time Agastya tried to save Imlie and is no more, Surya should run away from Chauhdrys and Imlie. Amrith then tries to expose Binni’s truth and asks if they all know a secret about Imlie’s baby. Daadi asks what is it. Imlie points a broken glass at his throat and warns him to shut his mouth and get out. Surya supports her and they booth shoo Amrith away. Imlie requests guests to leave.

Daadi tells Nirmala that today was inauspicious for the children, so they will perform engagement tomorrow. Binni says Daadi is right. Nirmala says she wants to know the secret which Amrith was trying to reveal. Imlie says Amrith was just trying to create confusion with his lies, so they shouldn’t believe him. Family disperses. In the evening, Imlie and Surya’s nok jhok starts. Sonali walks to them and thanks them for their help. Imlie says there is no need to thank Surya as he hasn’t changed.

Sonali says Surya saved Imlie from Amrith, so she should be thankful to him. She praises Imlie for her support and says if she starts counting Imlie’s favors, it would turn morning. Once she leaves, Imlie and Surya’s nok jhok starts again. Surya gathers whole family and says he wants to marry Binni tomorrow itself. Daadi says he made her happy with his decision and asks family to make arrangements. Govind says he will inform panditji.

Binni walks to Imlie and asks if she is mad to protect her from Amrith while she herself wanted Binni to reveal truth to everyone earlier. Imlie says she didn’t want women to humiliate Binni as they just need a reason to character assassinate others. She asks him to go and sleep now as it’s late night. Binni says she knows that Imlie didn’t kill Raghu, it’s Monty who killed Raghu as she found Raghu’s diamonds with him and made a deal with him. Imlie asks her to reveal truth to Surya right now.

Precap: Imlie panics seeing Monty’s dead body. A man drags her, and she is shocked to see his face.

Update Credit to: MA

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