Sirf Tum 23rd November 2021 Written Episode Update

Ansh sees Ranveer and spoils the cake. He tells Rocky to go with cake and celebrate Ranveer’s defeat. Riya is at Suhani’s home with cake. She is waiting for Suhani and Sudha. Dadi tells Suhani that she is so rich, but still is unable to buy full clothes. Riya says that’s fashion. She sets the trends. Dadi says, if Suhani’s father sees you, then won’t spare you. Riya says, I have found out everything. He won’t come home before night. She then gifts Dadi a watch saying it’s her favorite actor’s watch. She got it from the auction. Suhani and Sudha reach home. Riya and Ishan start celebrating. Suhani runs to her room with tears in her eyes. Riya asks Sudha what happened to Suhani? Sudha says that she failed in the exam. Riya and Ishan can’t believe. Dadi says, I knew it, doctory is not her thing.

Rocky brings the cake to Ranveer and taunts him whether this celebrate is for Ranveer saying sorry to him, or him not leaving the college, or something else. He says, whatever the reason may be. You can eat the cake. Ranveer slams the cake Rocky’s face and breaks a glass bottle on the floor. Rocky laughs saying first you talked sweetly with me and said sorry. Now will you lick the cake from my face? Ranveer picks up another glass bottle and is about to hit Rocky’s head with it, but Ansh comes in between and stops Ranveer. Ansh says, relax bhai. He is just joking. You can tell me the reason for your frustration. Maybe I can help you. Ranveer warns Rocky to stay away from him else he will break his bones. Ranveer leaves with his friends.

Ranveer receives a call from his mother. She informs him about the party arranged by his father and says he has to attend it. He says, it’s not party, it’s a promotional event by his father. He will show off of being best father and I don’t like all that show off. She says, I will come to college and drag you to the party then. When Dada ji and others ask me questions, then what will I say? He says, I will talk to everyone on video call. She gives him her swear. He asks what is this? Every time you do this. She says because you listen that way. She keeps her burned hand down and screams a little. He asks what happened? She says her hand just got burned slightly in kitchen while working. He tells her to show it on video call. He checks her wound and tells her to look after her. She asks why do you look upset? He says, I am not able to fulfill responsibility that I took. Be inspired from responsibility you took and don’t take tension. She ends the call. He says, enough of decency. Now he will have to make his responsibility his stubbornness.

Suhani tallies the answers with Ishan and Riya and she gets all answers correct. She says, I don’t understand how I failed. She hugs her doctor-doll. She looks at the sky and says, Mata Rani, you always fulfill my wishes. Why so many tests to fulfill my doctor dream? I want MBBS from that college only. Please fulfill my wish. Other side, Ranveer and his friends enter dean’s office from a window. They search for the exam papers. Dean is walking towards his office. Ranveer finds the exam papers and figures out that someone exchanged the papers by changing roll numbers. He says, no one can stop Suhani from attending this college now. Dean enters and asks what’s going on? He tells Ranveer that his talent doesn’t give him the rights to enter his office like this. He will get punished. Ranveer says, I accept your punishment, but see this. Suhani topped the exam, but she was failed because of roll numbers-exchange. The dean says, there is a procedure. Ranveer says, this is injustice. He demands that he signs the papers and give admission to Suhani. The dean asks what if I don’t do it? Ranveer says, you are the dean, you can do anything. He picks up a trophy and says, but I have earned these trophies and only I will break them. He starts breaking the trophies and photo frames and blackmails the dean to sign. The dean warns him that he is crossing his limits. Ranveer says, I won’t participate, nor let anyone participate in sports competition. The dean asks him to stop saying I will sign. He signs the paper and says that the corrected list will be on notice board by tomorrow. Ranveer smiles.

Later, Ranveer tries to call Suhani, but she is busy in house work. Rakesh returns home. Dadi gets news about their neighbor’s daughter running away with a guy from her college. She shares that with Rakesh and says, it’s good that Suhani failed the exam. Rakesh asks she failed? Dadi says, yes, thankfully. You tell Suhani to manage housework now. Rakesh receives a call from Ranveer. He tells that Suhani has not only passed, but topped the exam. Rakesh says it’s okay if she failed. Ranveer says, there was roll number confusion, she didn’t fail. Your daughter is so talented that this college needs her. He asks him to tell Suhani to meet the dean first tomorrow as she has to complete some formalities. Rakesh says, I will talk to her and disconnects the call. Suhani brings water for him and says that the dinner is ready. He doesn’t pass her Ranveer’s message and instead says that he has talked in other colleges. He asks her to get ready early tomorrow, they will go to other colleges to talk.

Next day, Ranveer is waiting for Suhani. He tells his friends as soon as she comes, run towards the gate and spread the red carpet. His friends tell him, you told us this so many times already, don’t worry, we will take care of it. Ranveer says it’s very late now. Why Miss. Zimmedari didn’t reach yet? Suhani is still at her home. Seeing her sad, Rakesh says, I know you wanted admission in that college, but what can we do now if it didn’t happen. This new college is also good. He tells her to always remember that talent matters more than degree. Doorbell rings. Rakesh goes to check. It’s Ranveer. He asks about Suhani. Rakesh looks on.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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