Imlie 27th March : Imlie Faces Humiliation

Surya gets into his car and raises the throttle. Imlie calls him and asks why he is making so much sound. Surya says he will cancel today’s function by having his accident. Imlie asks if he is out of his mind, he can tell that he got some important work instead of breaking his bones. Surya says he will break only his hand. Imlie runs to him and stops his car. She asks if he feels important to break his hand than revealing truth to Indira aunty. Surya says yes. Indira with all guests walk to them and asks what is happening.

Guests ask if she is the girl whom Indira got married to her nephew, why did she run out of the house before muh dikhayi ritual. They ask Imlie to show her face. Imlie slowly turns towards them. Indira stops her and says she doesn’t do anything without muhurath and asks guest to get in and have snacks while she gets Imlie ready for the ritual. Mahesh takes all the guest in. Indira asks Imlie to turn around. Imlie turns. Nirmala criticizes Imlie for not applying sindhoor yet. Indira orders Hemalatha to bring sindhoor and tells Surya that sindhoor is the first step of being a suhagan and it binds a husband and wife for lives. Hemalatha brings sindhoor.

Indira orders Surya to apply sindhoor to Imlie’s hairline. Surya hesistates. Imlie holds his hand but then recalls his determination to break his hand to stop the function and lets him apply sindhoor. Indira asks her to go and get ready and walk down to meet guests. Imlie walks to her room and looks at her sindhoor. Surya walks to her and says he had apply sindhoor to her hairline as whole family was watching them. Imlie says he was helpless in front of Indira, but wasn’t helpless to think of breaking his hand; he knows he can blackmail her with such acts and get work done. Surya says he is a policeman and wouldn’t blackmail anyone.

She says she saw his love towards Indira and hence let him apply sindhoor to her hairline, she will follow all the rituals but not by heart; she will stay with him for a year as she can’t give her 12th exam for a year; she will fulfill her Daadi and Babu’s wish and will become a big journalist after studying well, then she won’t be dependent on him. She walks out saying it’s up to her whether she wants to perform ritual or not.

Indira’s guests ask her to introduce them to her DIL as it’s too late. Nirmala says Imlie is taking too much time to get ready, she thinks Imlie doesn’t want to perform ritual. Hemalatha asks why so. Mahesh says Imlie is just giving excuses. Guests ask Indira to call her new DIL down or else they will leave. Imlie walks down ready for the ritual. Guests praise her beauty. Indira tells Imlie let’s have a photo session first. Malti walks away criticizing Surya. Indira calls photographer. Photographer asks Surya to hold Imlie. Surya hesitantly does. Nirmala walks to Malti and says Imlie should be out of the family photograph and not Malti. Malti says Indira will soon accept Imlie in the family.

Precap: Surya notices Imlie crying in sleep and wipes her tears. His girlfriend Anjali calls him and says she reached Purvaiya and asks him to pick her up.

Update Credit to: MA

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