Sirf Tum 27th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Mamta coming to the room and seeing Vikrant getting ready. She says you are looking lovely. Vikrant smiles and says thank you Mamta ji. He hugs her happily and thanks her again. He gives the credit to her for his happiness, and says I hope you will end the differences between us fully. He says thank you once again. Mamta is happy. John asks Ranveer if he is so desperate for his Ms. Zimmedari. Ranveer says why is she taking time? He waits for Suhani to come and tells the poetry. Raghav says since when you have become the poet. Suhani reaches there with her family. Sirf tum plays….Suhani walks inside holding the gifts. Ranveer imagines being with Suhani in a snowy place. He holds her hand. They dance. Suhani looks at others gifts and thinks they are costly. Ranveer sees Suhani going to the table and keeping the gifts there. He comes to her and smiles. Dadi comes to him and wishes him happy birthday. Ranveer thanks Dadi. Nikki wishes him too. Ranveer makes Dadi sit and asks waiter to take care of her. Kamini calls Nikki and asks how is the party and decoration? Nikki says I have just come, let me enjoy first,and then I will give you details. Kamini says make a video call and show me, so that I can tell everyone about attending the party.

Ranveer holds Suhani’s hand and asks her to come with him. Nikki thinks where did Nani and Suhani go? She sees Ranveer taking Suhani with him. Vikrant says cheers with Khanna. Chachi asks Mamta if all the arrangements are done. Mamta says yes. Chachi asks about the engagement ring. Mamta says I will decorate that ring in the special plate. Ranveer comes there holding Suhani’s hand and asks what ring? Mamta gets tensed. Samaira says surprise gift ring, and says you have ruined all the surprise. Ranveer introduces Suhani to her, and says in the college….I..Vikrant comes there and calls Mamta. Mamta goes. John and Raghav are happy for Ranveer. Ranveer tells Suhani that he will make her meet his Dadu. Samaira asks her mom, why Bhai is giving so much importance to this girl. Chachi says she must be his friend. Dadi collides with Dadu and scolds him. He asks her to be careful while walking. She asks him to get his eyes tested. She asks who is he? Dada ji says he is Dev Oberoi, Ranveer’s Dadu and the owner of the haveli. Dadi says you are not looking handsome like him. Waiter comes and asks when to play the Dev Anand songs. Dadu says play it. Dadi says Dilip Saheb’s songs shall be played. Ranveer comes there and asks Dadu what is he doing? Dadu says he is arguing. Ranveer sees them arguing and says he likes Raj Kapoor songs. He goes and Suhani walks behind him. Rhea holds her hand and tells Suhani that she is very excited. Suhani says today is his birthday and you are excited. Rhea says I will tell you a secret. Nikki talks to Rishi and says you might not be invited to the party. Rishi says ofcourse we are invited and coming there. Ansh comes there wearing suit with rocky, and says time has come to take grand entry in Oberoi Mansion. Rhea tells Suhani that he is her Prince Charming and takes Ranveer’s name. Suhani looks at Ranveer.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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