Sirf Tum 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Vikrant telling everyone that Ansh has a wonderful idea for expansion of Oberoi Industries. Honey tells Suhani, I will tell you, where is your right place. Ansh shows the wine industry plan on the projector screen. Vikrant says good job, Ansh.

Dada ji asks what is this joke and says I took 50 years to make Oberoi Industries and every brick is the proof of my honesty and hardwork and you are insulting me by saying this. Mamta says it is not your values to sell wine. Vikrant says he has changed with time and says he don’t like to lose as he always wins. He says I feel that this is the right time for Oberoi Industries expansion and new start. He says he is proud of Ansh.

Ansh looks at Ranveer. Honey tells that they have won half game and will win other half too. Suhani goes to Ranveer and asks if he will not say anything. Ranveer reminds her that she has given him promise for a month and will talk them after a month only. He says I have nothing to do whatever they do, and will settle scores with them after a month.

In the room, Ansh opens champagne bottle and celebrates his victory with Asha and Honey. He says finally our plan worked and Ranveer didn’t interfere. Honey says Ranveer will drink his anger and Suhani will stand like a statue, and says there is nobody to stop us. Asha says I am so proud of you, this is your business idea and business, says Vikram or Vikrant Oberoi will not force their decisions on you, you will have your own identity and Oberoi group will be in your control. She says my son Ansh Oberoi. Honey says my husband. He says he will do the announcement of the project tomorrow.

Dada ji tells Suhani and Mamta that he never thought that his son will be blinded by them. Suhani says we will do something so that the launch don’t happen. Mamta says Ranveer don’t want to do anything for a month. Dada ji says I trust Ranveer and you. Mamta tells Suhani that Mata Rani is with you. Suhani says I am Oberoi family bahu and will not let any bad effect fall on us. She says Ranveer has to support me in this. Mamta and Dada ji hold Suhani’s hand.

Suhani thinks how to convince Ranveer to stop this company launch. She thinks they don’t have much time. Honey is checking something on the laptop, while Asha is seeing a file. Suhani is going from there. Honey comes out and makes the flower vase falls down behind Suhani. Suhani turns and is shocked. Honey says my dewrani got scared again.


She says I want to show you something and takes her to room. She says she is searching names for Oberoi wine company. She suggests some names. Suhani says I have some work and needs to go. Asha says badi bahu is getting the company launch, atleast you can suggest the company name. Suhani says I am not saying anything as it will be of no use.

She asks Honey not to work and says this launch will never happen, when Ranveer is here. Ansh says your self confidence is of no use, you have not left Ranveer to do anything and came to challenge me. He says my business launch will happen tomorrow. Suhani says dreaming is good, but there is a difference between dream and reality. He says I will show tomorrow and has decided the name also.

Vikram says one announcement happened in the morning and again now. He says our house is more like a railway station now. Vikrant tells that tomorrow they will have their company launch and he called some samples bottles. Honey brings the samples wine. Mamta, Suhani and Dada ji are upset. Ansh takes a bottle and gives to Vikrant. Vikrant turns to Dada ji and says you might be feeling very proud as Oberoi Industries are going to new direction.

Dada ji says no, it is going to gutter and I won’t let this happen. He is about to throw the bottle when Vikrant holds his hand and stops him. Ranveer comes there and holds Vikrant’s hand. Honey, Asha and Ansh look on. Ranveer takes the wine bottle and throws it on the floor. He walks towards Ansh.

Suhani says no Ranveer. Ranveer pushes the sample bottle trolley on the floor and says I am bearing your behavior due to Suhani, else I have the strength to throw this garbage out. Vikrant says I will not bear this nonsense. Ranveer says your business is none of my business. I have nothing to do with your business as my work is to save people’s lives.

He says the matter is about Dadu’s respect and I won’t let anyone play with his respect, says I will see how this company launches. He says if anyone has the courage then launch it. Ansh says Dad and I will launch it. Ranveer says you and your company will be on the floor. Ansh says lets see. Ranveer says if you are alive. Suhani holds Ranveer’s hand. Honey holds Ansh’s hand and says I will move the hurdles coming Ansh’s way.

Suhani comes to Ranveer and gives him coffee. He asks did you give tea to Dadu? Suhani says first I gave him and will give to Papa. Ranveer asks why she wants to go there, reminds if she has forgotten yesterday incident. Suhani says it is my duty, I will not forget it and will give morning tea to Papa. Ranveer asks her to go.

Suhani comes to Vikrant to give him tea. She sees Honey giving him tea. Honey asks what you are doing here and says it is my dept. Suhani asks her to learn to make tea first. Honey says my tea is best like me. Vikrant asks Suhani to take his cheap tea and leave from there. He says out, right now. Honey opens the cupboard and takes the gun in her hand. Vikrant and Suhani look at her. Honey says you will teach me how to make tea. She says sasur ji insulted you and you don’t understand. Suhani asks Vikrant to differentiate between the family and enemies and says gun is yours, bullet is yours and you are on the target. Vikrant asks Honey to keep the gun back or return it. Honey says I know how to handle it and says I know that you have kept this gun in the cupboard to get saved from Suhani. Vikrant asks her to give gun. Suhani says there is a cockroach there. Honey gets scared and throws the gun on the floor. Suhani picks the gun and tells Vikrant that everyone likes honey, but doesn’t keep hive at home. She says everyone likes honey, but nobody wants to take risk for it. She says I had learnt to make tea from Maa, you can drink your morning tea peacefully. Honey looks on angry.

Precap: Ranveer tells Suhani that he wants to see Maa and her getting respect, which is not possible here so he has decided to leave from here with Maa and her. Suhani says I can’t leave this house now. Ranveer akss Mamta to come. Mamta asks where is suhani? Ranveer says she has nothing to do with her husband and will stay here.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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