Udaariyaan 18th January 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Tejo recalling Fateh. She wakes up and doesn’t see the rose. She goes out to check. She says rose didn’t come today, should I forgive Fateh, what is this problem, Baba ji help me. Dilraj and Navraj hide. She gets the message. She says thank God, Fateh won the match. She opens the door.

Navraj and Dilraj fall inside. They show Fateh’s boxing match video. She says thanks for showing me the old match, go, I have to get ready. Gurpreet does the aid to Fateh and says I don’t like your boxing. He says I like it when you pat my back on my victory. Mahi says Fateh has to go to college, everyone will congratulate him. Fateh is on the way. Buzo calls and says Rupy got into some fight, my friend just informed me. The guys argue with Rupy for the land issue. They beat Rupy a lot.

Fateh comes running to save Rupy. He shouts leave him. The guys attack him. Fateh beats them. Fateh also gets hit on his head. The guys catch him and beat him up. Fateh fights them. The guys runs away. Fateh lifts Rupy on his back and takes him.

Tejo comes to college. The girl asks will you represent Fateh Sir. Tejo says I have some work, talk to Tanu. She goes. Doctor says Rupy will get recovered soon. Fateh thanks him. Nurse says I will do your dressing. Fateh says its okay, this is Rupy’s daughter’s number, call her. Nurse calls Tejo. Tejo asks what, how is dad, I m coming. Fateh gets a call. He says I m coming, I had some urgent work. He hides from Tejo and leaves.

Tejo comes to Rupy and asks how is he. Nurse says he is okay now, a guy got him here, he was also much hurt but he got him in time. Satti and Harman come. Tejo asks them to stay with Rupy. She gets a call. She says I can’t come, sorry. They ask her to go. Tejo asks them to take care.

Fateh receives the award. Khushbeer smiles seeing him. Fateh hugs him. Tejo comes there and sees them. She smiles. Khushbeer says bless you, you returned my lost pride today, you completed my hospital dream, I m proud of you. Fateh gives him the trophy. Tejo gets a call. Buzo asks is Rupy fine. She says yes, how do you know. Buzo says I had called Fateh and told about Rupy’s fight, his call wasn’t connecting now so I had called you. Tejo goes to Fateh. She says Fateh, congrats, you have won this match and returned Khushbeer’s lost respect back, you are changing. He thanks her. He says I m changing to change my past actions. She asks how did you get hurt. He says nothing.

Fateh stops her and says really sorry, please forgive me. She says I thought you won’t apologize now, you didn’t send the rose today. He says I used to send it to see your smile. He says you want my smile and also do things secretly. He says yes, I won’t do anything secretly now. He gives her a rose. Tu safar mera….plays….

He says really sorry, please forgive me. Angad comes there. Tejo recalls the divorce. She goes. Angad thinks very good Tejo ji, don’t take the flower from this fool. Fateh stands sad. Angad stops seeing Tejo stop. Tejo recalls Fateh’s good deeds. She goes back and takes the rose from Fateh. They smile. Fateh thanks her. She says I took the rose from you to thank you. He asks why. She says for saving dad. He asks how did you know. She asks did you think I will not know this.

He says I didn’t wish you to know this, I have hurt Rupy a lot,I want to win his heart. She says I m not upset with you, the person who explained me the difference between right and wrong, he is okay today because of you, you didn’t tell this to anyone, it means you are really changing, I didn’t forget what you did with me, but I have moved on, I took this flower from the nice person who I see in you now. Fateh says you mean you have no place for me.

She says I had it before, but now… that place is locked now, but I m happy seeing you change, you live for the family now, you think for others, you aren’t selfish, you are selfless. She goes smiling. Janam Janam….plays…. Fateh smiles. He happily jumps. Angad looks on. Tejo smiles seeing Fateh. He gets Jasmin’s message… leave Tejo and go home, my surprise is reaching your home, go and save them if you can. He gets shocked. He runs. Angad and Tejo look on worriedly.

Angad stops Tejo and takes her in the car. Amrik says Jasmin has trapped me in a big problem, please save me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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