Yeh Hai Chahatein : Samrat Gets a Shocker !

Samrat asks Nayan if she wants to let Mohit and Ishani rotten in jail or become Aaliya’s maid. Nayan agrees to become Aaliya’s maid. Samat says good she took a right decision and asks her to start with Aaliya’s foot massage. Nayan massages Aaliya’s feet. Sam thinks he wants Nayan to suffer. Revati tells Sam that he did right by doing what she asked him to do, now Nayan will know what she got into. Nayan returns home. Malati asks where was she till now. Nayan thinks she can’t tell Malati what is Samrat forcing her to do. Malati asks her to speak to Sam once. Nayan says Sam will not agree, but can’t keep Mohit and Ishani in jail for long; she need not worry as they will hire a lawyer to bail out Mohit and Ishani. Malati says she knows one lawyer and will meet him tomorrow.

Revati sends Sam to get medicines for Aaliya, locks door, and tells Aaliya that she can get up now as Sam is gone. Aaliya wakes u and stretches herself saying she is tired of playing a paralytic drama. Revati asks her to stretch herself and lie down soon before Sam returns. Aaliya says she knows Sam will burst like a volcano if he learns truth. Sam returns to take car keys and is shocked to see Aaliya standing on her feet. He asks Aaliya why was she acting as a paralyzed. Aaliya stands tensed. Revati says they didn’t want him to know about it like this, Aaliya is not paralysed. Sam shouts what the hell. Revati warns not to shout as they are family. Sam asks why did they lie. Revati says they wanted to punish Ishani and Mohit for the pain they gave to Aaliya. Aaliya says her suicide attempt and paralysis drama is all a drama to send Mohit and Ishani to jail.

Sam says this is not right, he knows Mohit and Ishani broke Aliya’s heart, but they don’t deserve this punishment; he filed an abetment to murder case on them and they will rotten in jail for long; he even troubled Nayan. Aaliya asks Revati if she heard that he is worried for behanji. Revati reminds Sam that Nayan got him arrested from the middle of his concert and ruined his sister’s life, she taught him to crush his enemy’s head if he wants to be top in the business. Sam says she is right, but punishing in this way is wrong. Aaliya says he lies that he loves her and can’t see how Mohit betrayed and ruined her life. She asks if he ever said no to her. He says no. She says she doesn’t have a habit of rejection, Mohit rejected her and went to Ishani, can’t he see what she is going through. Sam says Mohit doesn’t love her and she can’t forcefully hold him.

Aliya says she wants Mohit and Ishani to face same pain and humiliation which she faced, she will decide when and how to reject Mohit and wants him back at any cost, only Sam can help me in this. Sam looks at Revati. Revati says she always taught him to trust only his mother and sister as rest of the women are gold diggers who will use him only for his status and money, she taught him to hit back at whoever hits him, he should decide whether he will support his sister and mother or their enemies. Sam stands silent. Aaliya continues to emotionally blackmail him. Sam tells Revati that he doesn’t have to think as he will chose only his mom, he will give Nayan’s family a tight slap for hurting them. Revati says she is so proud of him and hugs him.

Precap: A lawyer refuses to take Ishani and Mohit’s case. Nayan speaks to Sam who refuses to change his decision. Sam meets Mohit and says he will get him out of jail if he divorces Ishani and marries Aaliya.

Update Credit to: MA

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