Imlie: Chini’s Plan Backfires !

Imlie reaches Bhaskar Times disguised as a sardarji Kuljeet Singh for job interview. She notices peon Ramesh removing her stuff from her desk and stops him. Ramesh asks how does he know his name. Imlie gets tensed, the notices his name plate and says its written clearly on his name plate. Ramesh leaves. Interviwer calls next candidate. Imlie walks in addressing her parents that they don’t have to leave their house because of her mistake. Family enjoys watching Imlie and Atharva’s marriage video and laugh.

Anu tells Chini that they had to kick Imlie out of the house, but they are laughing here. Imlie introduces herself to interviewers as Kuljeet Singh. Interviewers ask about his experience. Kuldeep says unless he works, he will not gain experience. Interviewers say they can’t give her a job without experience. Kuldeep says he heard a lot about Imlie and Aryan and wants to become dedicated and hard working like them, he just needs one chance.

Atharva notices Imlie still haven’t returned, so he wants to Imlie’s room and and asks till when she will bathe. Imlie’s recorded songs continue to play. Atharva replies to her sing in a rap style. Mobile switches off. Atharva gets suspicious when Divya walks to him and asks him to stop knocking the door as Imlie thinks they are newly married and sends him away. She asks Imlie to not waste water and walks away. Imlie finishes interview and hopes she gets this job. She learns form employees that Imlie was removed from job as editor got a call from her family members that she is severely ill and if she returns for work, her healthy will be affected. Imlie thinks its definitely Imlie and thinks she needs to expose Imlie before she exposes her.

Chini tells Anu that Imlie was getting happy when she got a job as if she got a treasure, she didn’t attend interview, does that mean she really lost her memory. Shivani tells Rudra they are watching video of a person who herself is not present here. Atharva gets concerned for Imlie and rushes back to her room. Imlie gets into a cab and removes her makeup. Keya notices her and asks driver to follow that car. Imlie notices Keya and asks cab driver to speed up. Keya tells Akash that she saw Imlie in that car.

She calls Chini and asks if Imlie is at home as she saw her in a car. Chini rushes to Imlie’s room and sees Atharva already knocking the door. Atharva says he will break the door open. Whole family gathers. Atharva breaks the door open and finds Imlie present inside drying her washed clothes. Atharva asks what was she doing, they were tensed. Imlie removes earphone and says she was listening to music and washing her dress. Atharva asks Chini to dry Imlie’s dress and takes her out. Chini throws dress fuming in anger.

Imlie joins family and watches video. Chini shows her fake concern for Imlie. Imlie says she is careful now and will not let anyone take away her love. Chini replays video and says let us watch from where Imlie left. She laughs saying she looks Arto’s bride more than Imlie. Imlie says she shouldn’t get ready so well next time when she attends someone’s wedding and asks her to call Atharva as jijaji. Chini frowns hearing that. Back to room, Imlie asks Keya if she is sure she saw Imlie in a car.

Keya says she couldn’t focus from a distance, but is sure it was Imlie. Chini calls Bhaskar Times and asks if Imlie had come there. Receptionist says Imlie lost her job and they are interviewing candidates as her replacement. She thinks she was wrong, Imlie didn’t visit Bhaskar Times at all. Imlie overhears their conversation.

Imlie cleans projector room. Atharva walks to her and asks why is she working alone. Imlie says servants have left for the day. Chini walks to them. Atharva asks Chini to help Imlie. Imlie says let it be as Chini is not habituated to work. Chini says she will help. Imlie divides task. Chini asks them not to go near mattress, recalling her fake suicide attempt incident. Imlie asks what is there. Chini says bed bugs. Imlie says she is acting as if her secret is hidden under the mattress.

Precap: Chini offers sweets to Imlie and challenges to expose her lies. Imlie says one whose life is based on lies will be exposed soon instead, offers her imlie. Chini stands fuming.

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