Sirf Tum 7th January 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Rakesh writing his resignation letter, says it was job for me and not any way to achieve something. He thinks he might clear this thing with his resignation letter to Vikrant. Rishi comes to Ansh and others and tells that Nikki called and said that there is a gossip about Suhani. Ansh smiles looking at Rhea. John and Raghav hear them and get up. They go to Ranveer and asks him to get up. John tells him that his Ms. Zimmedari will not be coming to college from today and her internals are starting from today. Ranveer gets up shockingly.

Dadi asks Rakesh to have breakfast. Rakesh says no, Maa. I am done with their doings, and says I hope whatever I said yesterday, is understood by everyone. He leaves. Door bell rings. Nikki opens the door and finds Ranveer standing. Kamini tells Nikki that this unique guy came here to do drama. Nikki says he came in night dress, and has zero dressing sense. Ranveer comes inside and asks Suhani, why she is not ready to come to college. He asks her to go and get ready. Dadi folds her hands before Ranveer and says there was much drama in our house, don’t increase much and asks him to go.

Ranveer asks Suhani to go and get ready. Suhani requests him not to interfere in her family matter. He asks are you becoming doctor for your family and will treat these 4 family members, and what about other patients, if they shall die. He asks who gave you the right to snatch talented doctor from them. He says remember always, big dreams fulfilled with much difficulty, it is your dream and you have to complete it. Dadi says we can’t go against her father’s decision.

He tells Sudha that he has always seen fear in his mother’s eyes, like he is seeing today in her eyes, and this fear of husband made her weak. He says she didn’t question him or gave any answer due to this fear, even you are doing the same, you are letting your fear win and losing yourself. He asks if your fear is more big than your daughter’s happiness. He tells about Dadu’s words and says a mother lives for her children. He says you have made apron for her, thinking she will become a doctor, and asks what she will do with the apron now. He says you are a mother and her position is above everyone and asks why her sight is low, and asks her to look up. He say whatever the problem is, will be solved but Suhani’s exams are a chance and if this chance goes, then your dream will end for forever.

He says dream for Suhani is seen by you and asks her to fulfill her dream. He says whatever I wanted to, I have told. He says decision is in your hands, your daughter will become a doctor or will forget her dream for forever. He asks what do you want, that your daughter shall die every moment, with the thought that if her mother had supported her, then she would have been a doctor. He says your daughter’s name will be Dr. Suhani Sharma one day. He says today is the test of you and all other mothers like you, and if you lose today then no mother will give courage to her daughter to see any dream. He says I don’t want to say anything and leaves.

Sudha goes to Suhani’s room. Nikki says Mami might come in Jhansi ki rani mode and agree to Ranveer’s sayings. Kamini says nobody has dare to go against Bhai. Sudha brings Suhani’s bag and holds her hand. She takes her to the inhouse temple and does her tilak. She says you are getting late for exam.

Suhani says Papa. Sudha says I will talk to him. She says when he has decided to cross all the limits, then I will also cross the limit and will pay for it, but will not let anything happen to you. Suhani hugs her. Sudha asks her to get ready, before Ranveer brings horse to take her. Kamini says I will call Bhai now itself. Dadi warns Kamini and asks her not to call him. She asks Suhani to go and move forward in life. She says Ranveer was right, if this chance goes, then it will not return. Sudha starts taking Suhani out.

Precap: Rakesh comes to college to take Suhani. Ranveer asks Suhani to go to class and write her exam. Rakesh says Suhani will go home with me. Ranveer says Suhani will go to class, I will see who stops her from writing the exam. Rakesh is shocked. Ranveer folds his hands.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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