Udaariyaan 29th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Fateh and Jasmin having a talk and laugh. He says you don’t look like you belong here. She says I stay in London, I m here for some time. She tells of her ex and acts to cry. He says forget it, was he blind to leave a pretty girl like you. She says yes, you are right, he was blind. He jokes and laughs. They leave from the dhaba. He says I will get a car for you first. He whistles. She gets shocked seeing the police coming. She says I have my car, I will go. He says you are going this way, Miss Jasmin Sandhu. She tries to run. The constables catch her. She asks what did I do. Fateh says we all know what you did. He removes his fake disguise. She gets shocked seeing Fateh. He says you always get defeated. She gets angry. She asks them to leave her, she didn’t do anything. The photographer says its not my mistake, I just click the pics, this girl take disguise and get pics with the rich guys, she sells the pics to lawyer. She scolds Fateh. Fateh asks her to go to the jail and take rest now. She is taken away. He says everything will get fine in Tejo and Angad’s lives.

Angad thinks Fateh will reach Moga if he learns this, I have to keep Tejo away from Fateh. Police takes Jasmin. Angad doesn’t see her. He walks on the road. The man asks him to get under any big car if he wants to die. Angad recalls his words. Fateh asks what if anything happened to Riya, that girl is a criminal, she is in jail. Nani asks what. He says Angad is Riya’s uncle, he is so good. Nani says he isn’t such as he appears, I know his truth. Angad recalls Tejo’s words. Nani says if he gets stubborn, then he can do anything, he can take life as well, he is mad for Riya, as if she is his daughter, he is obsessed for those he loves. Fateh recalls Angad. Angad recalls Tejo’s words. He sees a car coming and comes in front. The car hits him. Angad falls down wounded. He thinks how will you go now Tejo. The people see him and say he is so injured and bleeding. Jasmin is put in the lockup. She asks constable to let her make a phone call. She lies about her dad. She says I want to call my aunty, she will explain my dad. Constable gives the phone to her. She calls Riya’s Nani. She says I m in jail, come and get me out of here. Nani says I don’t need your help, I will not help you, you are a criminal, Fateh told me everything about you. She ends the call. Jasmin gives the phone. She says one more phone call. Constable scolds her. He says have food and sleep. Tejo says promise, I will complete your project, help me in packing. Babli says its a call from hospital, Angad Sir…. Tejo takes the call. She gets shocked. Rupy says I m okay now, its because of weather change. Bebe says Tejo is coming, he will be fine now. Dilraj says I made this welcome card for her. Khushbeer says great. Rupy says I got fine hearing that Tejo is coming. Tejo comes to the hospital. She asks for Angad. She runs to see Angad. She sees Angad. She asks the doctor about him. He says don’t worry, he has a head injury, he will be fine soon. She asks can I meet him. He says sure. She goes to Angad and holds him. Angad opens eyes and smiles seeing her. She asks what did you do. He says you are scolding me, a car had hit me, its good that this happened, else I would have not got your sweet scolding. She asks how are you feeling now. He says some wounds are there, but I m fine, I m just worried for Riya, she got attached to you, you have to go to Moga now. She says no way, I won’t go, don’t worry for Riya, I will call dad and come. She calls Rupy. Khushbeer says put it on speaker. Tejo asks are you okay now. He says yes, come soon. Gurpreet asks how are you. Khushbeer says we are happy that you are coming. Tejo says you all are there. He says yes, we got the good news that you are coming. Dilraj says Bebe has made many things. Tejo says I m not coming. Bebe asks why. Tejo says Angad met with an accident, he has a head injury, I have to stay back and look after him. Khushbeer says its okay, we are here to look after Rupy. Fateh recalls Nani’s words.

He thinks no, Angad isn’t such as Riya’s Nani is saying. Angad says I know Tejo ji, you care for me, but I love you a lot, I won’t let tears come in your eyes, no one can harm you. Jasmin says I will die hungry but not eat this food. She gets angry and says I have to take revenge on Tejo and Fateh.

Tejo says your purse. Fateh turns towards her. She gets shocked seeing him. Jasmin comes and says I got new bangles, see. She asks Tejo to spare her husband now please. Angad looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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