Udaariyaan 6th January 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Fateh and Tejo coming to the cafe. A kid jumps on the sofa. They see and go to hold. They see each other. Music plays…. A man comes and takes his son. He thanks Fateh. Fateh says I wasn’t following you, Mahi and Amrik were coming here. She says Dilraj and Navraj were also coming. They recall the calls. Dilraj and everyone look on. Fateh says you stay, I will go. The waiter asks what will they have. Tejo says sorry, I have to go. The man says its exclusive new year offer for couples, please try the red velvet cake. Fateh says okay, sorry, we will get it packed, we can at least have coffee.

Dilraj says they both sat. Mahi says we should go now. Fateh says bring two coffees. The waiter gets the coffee. Chup mahi….plays… Fateh says Tejo. Tejo says don’t say anything that I don’t want to hear. Fateh says I promise, I won’t say. He thinks to make her smile. He says you remember Tanya, Mrs. Sharma, she was strange, I worry thinking about her.

She asks what did she do. He says she used to keep a bad eye on me, I was saving my respect from her. She hears him and laughs. She says she used to get upset when anyone called her aunty. He says exactly. He says I will go washroom and come. He goes away and smiles seeing her. He notes down Tejo’s tenth smile. Jasmin comes there. She sees Tejo and says wait, I have come to Moga now, we will keep meeting, you thought you got free from me, no its impossible.

Tejo asks where are you living here. Jasmin says obviously, not at our parents’ house, everyone hates me because I m like what I appear, everyone just thinks of you, no one is with me, neither family nor love, I have learnt living, I knew who is my family and who is my enemy. She cries. She says you don’t need to worry for me, I can live on my terms, I will find a place to live, Fateh will come to me in the end. Tejo says then control him, I don’t want Fateh, keep him, he is there, go and handle him. She leaves.

Jasmin says she is gone, now his turn. She goes. Fateh thinks where did Tejo go. He hears some band music and goes out. He sees Jasmin dancing. She says here is the groom. She makes him wear sehra. He throws it and asks her to not make a joke of herself. She asks what’s the marriage date, Tejo is also here. She dances. He stops the man from playing the drum. She says I will convince him, he is upset, thanks, you all can go. He asks where is Tejo. She says she knows she has no place where I m there, she said she has no place for you in her heart. He says mind your own business, you can’t fool me, I know what to do. He goes. She says this time, you will be left shocked.

Tejo thinks of Jasmin’s words. Rupy asks her to have food. He feeds her with his hands. She says you used to feed Jasmin and me in childhood. He says I don’t want to talk about her. She says its not good that she lives like an orphan. He says I don’t care, she didn’t understand any responsibility or love, she is selfish, how do you know about her.

Tejo says I met her today. He asks where, did she trouble you. She says she told bitter things, but she can’t do the worse. He says maybe she doesn’t know it herself, she won’t sit quiet, if she has come to Moga, then she would have thought of something, be careful of her. She says don’t worry, you all are with me, I just want you to bring her home, forgive her, maybe she forgets her hatred. He cries and says you are still thinking about her. She says I m like you. He hugs her. He thinks Jasmin wants to hurt you.

Its morning, Rupy says I m going to Gurudwara. He goes to Sweety’s house and asks for Jasmin. She says I don’t know where did she go, I m saying the truth. He looks for Jasmin at some lodge. He sees her at some beauty parlor. He drags her outside and asks what’s your plan. She says you are not my dad, I m not your daughter, go and tell this to Tejo. He says I wish to poison you, tell me, you want to take revenge on Tejo, you hate her, you hate me and beat me. He shouts and cries.

She asks what are you doing. He says I beg you, spare Tejo, take revenge on Fateh. Simran comes. He says Fateh burnt your passport, he broke your dreams, he broke the relation, he told me everything the day you came to me. Simran thinks he knew about Fateh and Jasmin, but didn’t tell me. She goes home. She says I heard Rupy telling Jasmin that he knew everything. She tells everything. Gurpreet asks how can he do this, why did he hide it. Khushbeer says I will get an answer from him. He gets angry.

Khushbeer asks how dare you hide this. Rupy calls Fateh a fraud. Khushbeer and Rupy get into a fight. Fateh and Tejo come home and try to stop the fight.

Update Credit to: Amena

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