Yeh Hai Chahatein : GPS Has a Secret !!

GPS calms down Vasu by gifting her flower gajra. Rudra and Preesha taunt them both. Vasu feels shy. They both leave for home and while in car Rudra notices Preesha’s serious face and asks reason. She says she wants to have ice cream. He stops her at ice cream stall. She enjoys ice cream. He says there is one more way to enjoy ice cream, applies ice cream on her nose and licks it. He then aplies it on her cheeks and lips and tries to lick it. She asks to watch out the place. He says its okay and is about to lick it when Param stops his car and says he heard a lot about Rudra and Preesha’s love and saw it today, they both are amazing. Preesha says if their love is true and their heart is clean, they get a good life partner; she hopes even Param is good and will get a good life partner. Param hopes so and informs Rudra about signing legal documents. Rudra asks to visit his home in the morning. Param agrees and leaves.

Next morning, Rudra gets romantic while Preesha is busy feeding breakfast to Saransh. Just when he is about to kiss her, Param enters with documents. Rudra greets him in and while signing documents says Preesha says he is unromantic, but when he gets romantic, she doesn’t have time. Param says he is a romantic person and likes them a lot, he can arrange a romantic date in his studio’s private room for them where they can spend a quality romantic time with each other. Rudra agrees and thanks him.

In the evening, Rudra waits for Preesha in Param’s recording studio. She enters. He sings his romantic song for her and gets romantic with her. He then lifts her and takes her to room where he gets intimate with her on bed. She starts sneezing. He sees flowers which she is allergic to on bed and takes her away. She asks why did he keep those flowers on bed. He says Param didn’t know about her allergy, his suhagraat is ruined again. She says she will plan suhagraat this time.

GPS thanks Subbu for lying to Vasu. Subbu asks if Vasu didn’t doubt him. GPS says no and requests to lie even this Sunday as he wants to meet his secret person. Subbu asks till when he will hide this secret. GPS says some secrets are better kept secret and thanks him for hiding his secrets. Next morning, Vasu while having breakfast discusses her diwali shopping plan on Sunday with GPS.

GPS says he cannot go on Sunday as he is going out with Subbu and other friends. Vasu gets angry and asks where was Subbu all these years. He pampers her and calms her down. She permits him to meet Subbu and other friends and asks when will he return. He says he will be late like last time and leaves home for some work. She asks him to reach there and call her back.

Next morning, Preesha sprinkles water from her hair on Rudra after bathe. Rudra opens eyes and says he is happy that his wife is planning suhagraat tonight and insists to tell her plan. She says he should wait for a surprise till evening. He gets Param’s call and walks away. She calls a hotel and books a suite for their romantic night.

Precap: Rudra informs Param that Preesha is allergic to the flowers he kept on bed. Rudra reaches hotel where receptionist informs him that Preesha is waiting for him in a restaurant. He sees walks to a woman thinking she is Preesha. GPS gets a call at night and walks out. Vasu gets suspicious thinking he got a woman’s call and she will find out what is he hiding.

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