Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 13th October 2021 Written Episode Update

Dev and Sonakshi are siting with Ishwari, she notices something is wrong so tries to see in the kitchen but is not able to find her, Sanjana enters through the door of Dev’s room, she is really glad, Sonakshi wonders where has Sanjana gone to, when she in the room of Dev thinks that now Soha would place the dolls in the room of her doll house while she will remove Sona from the life of Dev and make her place, she knows it is a ritual of seven circles but she will surely perform them.

Sonakshi downstairs suddenly realizes, she looks up towards her room, Sanjana picks up the Mangal Sutur thinking this is the jewellery which is the symbol of their love but one day Dev sir would himself make her wear it, then she would have the right over everything, Sanjana in anger rips it apart, Sonakshi coming to the door questions what is she doing in her room, Sanjana is not able to explain, Sonakshi starts searching for her Mangal Sutur but she is not able to find it, she is shocked to see it is ripped apart and lying down in front of Sanjana, she picks it up questioning how did it rip, Sanjana replies she doesnot know when Ishwari comes to Sonakshi, she in shock questions how did it rip apart, mentioning it not considered healthy for the groom, even Dev comes to the room questioning why does everyone have the long faces, Sonakshi explains how her Mangal Sutur rip apart, she mentions that she places it with immense care but doesnot know it broke apart, Sanjana replies even she doesnot know, Dev questions what is she even doing in their room, Sanjana replies she was not here on purpose but came because she is playing a game with the children, Soha comes mentioning she will not find anything in this room as the treasure is out in the garden.

Dev kneels down with Sonakshi to pick up the pieces of the Mangal Sutur, she is about to hit her head against the corner of the desk, he protects her advising that she be a little careful, Sonakshi is worried wondering what would happen now as it is not a good omen, Dev taking her hand sits on the bed, he mentions there is nothing to worry about since if the husband himself once again beads the Mangal Sutur then it becomes even more powerful and if he with his own hands makes the bride wear it the marriage is cemented even more, Sonakshi starts smiling hearing Dev speak pure Hindi, when he explains their love would make everything even more beautiful, she is not able to control herself so tightly hugs Dev.

Ishwari while setting the table for lunch wonders where is everyone since she is really tired because of the children, she asks Neha to sit but doesnot look to Sanjana, she is glad to see Sonakshi is wearing her Mangal Sutur, she exclaims it is really nice they once again beaded all of the beads in it, Sonakshi explains Dev even added another line saying they both will make sure everything is fine in their lives, Ishwari explains they are saying the truth, Neha even asks Sanjana to sit down but she replies that she cannot stay for dinner since she has some work in the house, Ishwari immediately agrees saying that she must not stay otherwise she will get late, Neha questions what is she doing when she doesnot let anyone leave without having the dinner, Ishwari explains she will never put any pressure on her if she has any work, Neha then asks if Sanjana would not meet with Soha, Sanjana replies that it hurts even more to go away from those they love, she is glad they all let her meet Soha, she prays that they all would meet from time to time, she turns to leave when Neha exclaims she is a really nice girl, Sanjana while walking away thinks that her leaving this house today is actually the preparation that she will never leave the second time when she comes to their house.

Sonakshi is combing the hair of Soha, she asks Sonakshi to hurry up as even her dolls are feeling sleepy, and she has to help her sleep in the new doll house, Soha asks if the new doll house is good, Sona asks how did she like the one who gave her the house, Soha exclaims she is the best nd even showed her how to play the two doll game, she picks out two dolls then reveal that one is named Sona while the other is Ana, Sonakshi says Sanjana but Soha replies it is just Ana, she asks which doll does Sona think is her best, Soha mentions Sona is her favourite doll as she looks like Sonakshi, she hugs Sonakshi mentioning she loves Soha but then Soha asks her to not hug her so tight otherwise her food would come out from her stomach.

Dev is in his room when Sonakshi is correcting the bed, Dev puts the laptop on the sofa, he stands asking Sonakshi if she is angry with him because he brought Sanjana to meet Soha, Sanjana in her room thinks she would surely be mad with him but not say it straight forward, Sonakshi then explains she doesnot want Sanjana to be near Soha alone as she wants that someone should always stay with them, Sanjana in her room thinks if this is what Sona thinks, she would not let her spend some time alone with Soha when she has not done anything wrong but would do it now, Dev then sits with Sona on the bed when she complains of some pain in her heel, Dev exclaims he would give a her a really good massage and then while trying to massage her, he starts tickling her, she says he must stop as it is not good, Dev gets mad saying she doesnot have the courage to do anything special for him, she asks him to stand up, he doesnot understand when she exclaims she would surprise him, she stands in the corner, Sanjana is not able to understand from the webcam, Sonakshi comes running and jumps to Dev who catches her, they both fall on the bed when while looking to each other start laughing, Sanjana closes the laptop in anger.

Sanjana goes to the decoration scolding them for how much love do they think is between them, she tears them apart mentioning their time together has ended, Sanjana then thinks of what Neha said to her about the problems which came after Asha maa died, Sanjana then starts hitting the board which she has prepared with the knife, she finally stops at the photo of Bijoy thinking what could be more perfect than this plan which she has made.

Precap: Sonakshi receives a call from the ice cream delivery boy, she asks him to ring the bell as Bijoy would soon open the door, he replies he has been ringing the bell for quite some time but there is no answer, Sonakshi explains she is now getting tensed because Bijoy never behaves like this, she needs to go and check out what is the matter, Sonakshi and Dev both rush inside after opening the door, she is shocked to see what has happened. Sanjana in her house places a Malla over the photo of Bijoy.

Update Credit to: Sona

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