Sirf Tum 29th November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Suhani standing outside the bathroom. Rhea comes there and asks if she is fine. She says I had gone to a party and that’s why couldn’t come. John and Raghav also come there. Rhea asks where is Ranveer? Suhani signs at the bathroom door. Rishi and his friends walk out from there, and then Ranveer comes there. Suhani looks at Ranveer. Ranveer says you was worrying unnecessarily and says if you are talented, then everyone shall know that you can do extra curricular activities. He asks Rhea to make an announcement for a special dance. Vikrant feels humiliated in the party. Mamta, Vikram, and others come there. Vikrant says this is not glass pieces, but my respect pieces which your son gifted me in the party. He thanks Mamta for giving good upbringing to her son, and says you have made the way to your son, to take revenge on me. He says what was my mistake, and says I was doing this for his happiness and yours. He asks if a son hates his father, then the reason is only the mother. Vikram says how can Bhabhi be the reason and says you know Ranveer well, and how he reacts. She says if he don’t want to handle business, then leave him. Vikram asks Roshni to be quiet and asks not to interfere. Roshni says you have ruined my life and now ruining your daughter’s life. Why did you marry me, when you wanted an illiterate wife for you. Vikram shouts at her. Dada ji comes there and warns Vikram not to raise voice on his bahu. He then asks Vikrant if he will take out his anger on Mamta. He says Mamta and Roshni are my daughters and asks how dare they to talk to them like that. He says they are Lakshmis of the house and says if you don’t respect them, then the house will not prosper. He asks Mamta and Roshni to come. Roshni asks Mamta to come.

Everyone in the college are standing to watch the special performance announced by Ranveer. Ansh says what Ranveer is upto. Ranveer comes to Suhani and says now a mind blowing dance performance is going to start. Suhani gets tensed. Rhea asks why are you creating scene, she is already worried. Ranveer asks if you are my friend or advocate to argue with me again and again. He asks her to keep her mouth shut. Suhani says I can’t do it and gets teary eyes. He catch her tear in his hand.

He says the eyes which has dream to become a doctor, shall not have tears and fear in them. He holds her hand shocking everyone. He walks holding her hand and takes her to the centre. Sirf tum plays….Ranveer asks Suhani to sit on the chair. Suhani says I am fine. Ranveer says if you don’t sit then how the performance will start, after all you are the chief guest for this performance. He says this performance is kept for you and asks if she wants to perform. She says no and sits on the chair. Ranveer says give a good round of applause to our chief guest. Everyone claps for Suhani. Ranveer says start the dance performance. He sits on the other chair. Rishi’s friend stand holding the pipe, while Rishi and his friends dance around him. Ranveer recalls beating them at their backs and asking them to dance on music else he will break their legs. He says your respect carnival will be done. Fb ends. Ranveer looks at Suhani. Rishi and his friends dance, while John records their dance in his mobile. Suhani says let them go. Ranveer gets up and asks them to stop dancing, says remaining dance will be later. He announces that if anyone disrespect any girl in the name of ragging then their condition will be worsed than than. He says no ragging, no disrespecting. I have punished them for insulting a girl. He asks Suhani what she was telling in the morning. Suhani says thank you. Ranveer says for now or for morning. Suhani says you have helped me so much. He says your Papa has appointed me and you are my responsibility, don’t make me stranger, by thanking me. Suhani says Maa asked me to say and send this tiffin for you. He asks shall I keep all. Suhani says you can keep all the pedas, but return the box. Ranveer says mothers have love with their children and also the boxes. He says one work is pending still and holds her hand. He then asks her to climb on the bench. She climbs on the bench. Ranveer also climbs on it. He announces that she is Suhani, his responsibility and nobody shall disrespect or rag her. He says if she gets hurt then I will be hurt and then that person will be hurt big whoever hurts her. He asks is that clear?

Roshni asks Mamta to keep the batter ready. Dada ji asks for the chutney. Mamta says ok Papa. Dada ji says I will not give a single pakoda to those stupid guys. Roshni asks Mamta to give a fitting reply to Vikrant. Dada ji asks Roshni to teach her. Roshni asks Dada ji to become Vikrant and says I will act as Mamta. Dada ji acts as Vikrant. Roshni as Mamta asks him to mend his ways, and says then Ranveer will win. Dada ji asks Mamta to learn from Roshni. Roshni says you will be sandwiched between son and husband. Mamta says don’t say anything to Ranveer. Dada ji says he is dear to all of us. Roshni asks why Bhaisaab take out the ghost from inside him. Mamta says this is the drawback.

Suhani comes out the college and sees Sudha standing. She comes running to her and hugs her happily. Sudha asks how was the first day? Suhani says dhamekedaar, so much happened. Sudha says tell me, while I buy vegetables. Mamta comes to the college. Suhani and Mamta collide and look at each other.

Precap: Ranveer asks Suhani to focus on her studies and keeps smiling. He says your smile will work more than medicine. He is about to climb down the roof, and is about to fall, but Suhani holds his hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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