Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali : Raghav Feels Very Guilty !

Raghav thinks about the night, gets out of car, he sees good Raghav, good Raghav says you did a mistake, Raghav says how could I do this to Pallavi, and why didn’t you stop me, Good Raghav says because you have no control on yourself, why did you but, Raghav says I thought it was Pallavi, what should I do tell Pallavi truth or hide it, but I can’t hide, Good Raghav says if you hide and she finds it from somewhere she will break, think about her before taking any decision.

Sunny says to Pallavi to go ahead and he has some work, Pallavi says what work, Sunny says who are you my mother, why should I tell you, I have booked car and leaves.
Amruta tells Milind about her meeting with Esha. Sharda tells Milind and Amruta, Raghav is fine.

Raghav gets home, Keerti sees him and hugs him, Keerti asks where is Sunny and Pallavi, they went last night Varangal to find you, Raghav surprised, he gets a call frol Esha. Pallavi walks in and hugs Raghav. Keerti leaves. Pallavi says I was so scared, Raghav pushes her away, Pallavi asks what happened, Raghav says just tired I want to rest, Pallavi in tears says okay rest later but now let me make believe that you are here and never leave me, Raghav pushes Pallavi away and says please. Pallavi asks why are you behaving like this, Amma walks to them, Pallavi goes hug her, Jaya says so happy to see you two fine, Keerti told me everything and where is Sunny, Pallavi says I don’t know he said he has some work and stayed in Varangal.

Sunny asks receptionist who is that girl, He says I can’t share information, Sunny pays him, He tells her name ks Esha Madhvan, Sunny pays more and asks why is Raghav’s name with her, He says because they stay here last night, Sunny tears the page and keeps with him and says this paper will make me rich.

Pallavi gets Keerti dinner and asks Raghav what will he have, and sees he is lost and asks what happened to you, Jaya says there is some bad eye on us, my kids are in problem, tie this at entrance, Pallavi says but Amma, Jaya says I don’t care if you all believe or not, but do it for me. Pallavi says okay and leaves.

Esha looks at Raghav’s house and says I want to talk to you Raghav, you can’t ignore me like this after what happened. Esha sees Pallavi and leaves.
Pallavi asleep turns around and sees Raghav isn’t beside her but standing alone neat window, Pallavi asks Raghav is he fine, Raghav says I am not sleepy you go to sleep, Pallavi says you are disturbed since you are back was all good there, Raghav says yes, Pallavi says how much wilo you lie, I waited for you to tell truth, I know everything who you were with and what you were doing, you were with that witch right, Amma was talking about and you got so scared you are disturbed, Raghav gets angry and says is this time to joke, Pallavi says sorry I was trying to change your mood, Raghav says is everything joke to you, Pallavi says sorry but don’t be upset, I am tired of fighting, before you leave you said you won’t return and then you got caught in strike, I couldn’t handle that, and you are not just my love but part of me, I can’t live without you, lets promise we wilo fight in morning and solve before we sleep and always trust each other.
Raghav remembers about last night and leaves Pallavi’s hand and goes to sleep, Pallavi says what happened, Raghav says I am sleepy.

Sunny walks to Keerti, Keerti asks what work you had in Varangal, Sunny says its very important, and think we have a big mansion, big cars, international school, Keerti says enough, Sunny says this soon will be reality because I have a big card. Keerti asks what, Sunny says you want to know everything today itself, have patience, Keerti says okay.

Esha interviews Amruta, and explains her about her responsibilities, and expectations towards job. Amruta keeps getting call from Neha, Esha asks her to answer it, Amruta says I will talk to her later, Esha says someone is calling continuously go talk. Amruta says yes Neha go express your feelings to him, how will you know about it before you know how he feels and he may be dating someone but was with you last evening so go tell. Esha says thank you.

Jaya tells Pallavi that there was rush in Tirupati temple but she felt so good when she went inside. Sunny says Raghav how was your Varangal experience, it must be unique, Raghav says why should I tell you, Sunny says okay but didn’t you tell Pallavi anything, Pallavi says how does that matter to you, and stoo being useless and be a little responsible, Keerti says Sunny enough don’t pull topics unnecessarily, he is fine that is enough, Raghav leaves, Sunny thinks something big has happened between Raghav and Esha.

Pre cap: Raghav says Esha you were my past, only Pallavi is my present and future and I can’t live without her. Esha leaves.
Keerti reads a news in front of everyone that a girl committed suicide because she broke with her boyfriend. Raghav rushes to Esha’s house.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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