Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali : Raghav ne Maanga Maafi !

Mansi, Pallavi, Amruta get downstairs, Pallavi sees Raghav, Raghav says I want to talk to you Pallavi, Pallavi says please leave I don’t want to talk, Raghav says just once please, Pallavi looks around at her family and says lets go out and talk.
Milind says something bad has happened, they both looked very upset, Vijay asks Amruta do you know anything, Amruta says no I don’t.

Keerti asks Jaya where is Raghav he is not in room, Sunny tries calling Raghav but he doesn’t receive call, Farhad says I just saw him leave in car in hurry. Jaya prays God please take care of my kids.

Raghav says Pallavi I tried calling you a lot and messaged you too and I got worried so came here, I know I did huge mistake but I can’t see you this way, please give me one chance, I really love you, this is our first Diwali, please be with me, punish me, dont talk to me but come with me and give me one chance, don’t leave me, promise me you won’t leave me alone.
Pallavi says this is not just a mistake, you spent a night with another woman and didn’t even care about telling me or may be would never had if I didn’t hear your conversation, you made me away from you in your guilt and that made me insecure about myself, you broke me, it is your mistake but all night I will feel that I was not enough and didn’t give you the love you want.

Raghav says no Pallavi, you gave more than what I want, and I was weak to move ahead, I am sorry you are doubting yourself, and I tried telling you so many times, Pallavi says you have no right over me, Raghav says I really love you and can’t stay without you, Pallavi says leave, Raghav says please Pallavi, Pallavi slaps him and says you don’t love me and if you did yoh wouldn’t sleep with Esha, I hate you and curse the day I fell in love with you, congratulations you always wanted to spoil my life right, look you won, I was fool to believe that this forced marriage couldnm turn into love, you killed me, you killed Pallavi, I don’t know how this new one will live but you please leave from here, I am tired, running around you and your problems and being hurt always, please let me live in my pain and don’t hope that I will return because I won’t, you ended journey of Raghvi.

Pallavi walks in, Milind asks all good, Vijay says did you and Raghav fight, Pallavi says all is good, Vijay says why are you here, its your first Diwali, Pallavi says I am tired thinking about others, now I want to do what my heart wants, I mean I want to spend Diwali with you all, I celebrated lot of festivals with Raghav and this Diwali I want to send with you, can’t I, Milind says we are always your family but why are you in tears and no smile, Pallavi says looks like no one wants me to be happy and so now I am scared to smile anyways you all sleep its late.Pallavi leaves.
Vijay says something big has happened I have to find.

Vijay calls Jaya, and asks her what is wrong between Pallavi and Raghav, Jaya says oh they are here I was worried, Vijay says Pallavi looks worried but on asking she says all is fine but it doesn’t look like, what has happened, Jaya says I don’t know but I think its Esha behind all this, she is not just who worked with Raghav but his ex love, but Raghav has moved on and loves only Pallavi, but Esha has ruined there relation, Vijay says they are our kids and we have to patch up between Raghav and Pallavi, Jaya says very true.

Raghav outside Deshmukh house breaks down, Pallavi locks herself in room and starts crying. Both think of their happy moments together.
Pallavi looks in mirror and breaks her mangalsutra.
Esha packing her stuff, Sunny walks in and asks what are you doing, Esha says I was mad to trust you, he hates me what will he love me, I know he will throw me out and before he insults me I will leave, Sunny says you really have no guts to fight for your love, Esha says what option do I have, Sunny says Raghav is alone and needs support, Esha says but that will happen only when I stay here, Sunny says I have an idea.

Pre cap:Raghav next day says to Pallavi,let me help you.
Pallavi says I don’t want your fake concern, Raghav says my love is true, I will keep trying to get us together, my love will win over your anger, I won’t let us break.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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