Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali : The Rao’s Celebrate Their First KarvaChauth

Pallavi invites Deshmukh’s for Karva chauth, Sharda says I am so happy for you, you are happy right, Pallavi says yes I am so happy, Sharda says I wilk pray for you and Raghav.
Raghav thinking of his behaviour, and says is Esha right, is Pallavi trying to change me. Sunny comes in between the car, Raghav gets angry, Sunny gets in the car, and informs Raghav about Karva Chauth and says let’s give Pallavi and Keerti gifts.

Keerti discusses with Pallavi importance of Karva Chauth, and also that its celebrated as friendship between women too, Pallavi sees Esha and thinks was she very rude with her and calls Esha to join them. Deshmukh ladies arrive. All discuss about fast, Sulochana looks at Esha and asks has she fasted too, Jaya says why will she, she is a divorcee.

Sunny and Raghav reach Market and start shopping, Raghav decides to fast for Pallavi and thinks I lucky to have Pallavi, and she is fasting for me and I will fast for her long life.
Sunny sees Esha and says come with me. Raghav gifts Pallavi lehnga, Pallavi says so pretty but why, Raghav says your Karva Chauth gift, Pallavi says I thought you are upset with me, Raghav says I am sorry, Pallavi says we will keep fighting that is our USP, Raghav says this sorry was for many other things and even I fasted for you, Pallavi hugs him and says you are best husband. Sunny Esha looking at them, Sunny says look Raghav apologised even when there is no mistake and he even is fasting, and he has to keep sacrificing for Pallavi. Esha sees them and leaves. Sunny thinks good job Sunny plan is working.

Milind has visitor Rajni, Rajni sees him and about to leave, Milind says Sulochana you here to play fancy dress again, she says I am Rajni, and I am here to give this pamphlet ofy tiffin business and call me if you want food and leaves. Milind confused.

Jaya, Keerti get ready and ask Pallavi to go quickly get ready, Keerti says why only 5 plates, there should be 6, Pallavi says I did make 6 plates.
Esha with Raghav’s photo and says you deserve a good wife and all happiness and dont need to change for someone and I wish we didn’t separate and had to live with people we don’t love, and I don’t know what will happen ahead but I want us together and will fast for our togetherness.
Pallavi goes to get ready. Jaya praises everyone, Amruta gets call from Milind, Milind asks what is Sulochana doing, Amruta says pooja preparation, Milind says send me her photo right away, Amruta says okay and sends Sulochana photo to Milind. Milind sees photo and says how is this possible, how can she be in two places.

Karva chauth pooja begins at Rao’s, Raghav sees Pallavi in red lehnga and can’t get eyes off her, Esha sees Raghav and Pallavi together, Pallavi sighs I love you to Raghav, Pallavi goes join the pooja, Esha standing aside and watching.
Everyone goes on terrace to see moon and breakfast. Raghav about to give Pallavi water, Pallavi stops him and breaks his fast first, Esha gets angry and thinks Raghav your happiness is me and I will prove you that and free you from Pallavi and break my fast first for our togetherness, Esha breaks pot.

Pre cap: Pallavi asks Esha not to add peanuts in khichdi.
Pallavi tells everyone Esha cooked khichdi, Raghav has it and starts choking because if peanut allergy

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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