Molkki 22nd December 2021 Written Episode Update

Virender continues looking for Bawri everywhere. She covers her mouth as she cries. Virender is right in front of her but she keeps quiet. He leaves dejected. Purvi asks Kanha ji why He did this to her. Why did you give me everything when you had to snatch this happiness from me? Why did you separate Mukhi ji from me? She cries. Anjali calls Purvi just then and asks her where she is. Purvi says I cannot tell you but I wont return to haveli ever again. Anjali asks her where she will go then. Purvi says I don’t know but I cannot tell you. I cannot even go back to my home as Baba will bring me to Mukhi ji again due to his greed. Forget about living with Mukhi ji again, I don’t even want to see his face! I don’t know what I will do and how but I know I am capable of earning enough money to pay my Mol to Mukhi ji. You have to do one favour to me. take care of Manas and Juhi for me. I will meet them if Kanha ji wants. Promise me you will never tell anything about me to anyone! Anjali tries to convince her but Purvi tells her to promise her or she will never call her back. Anjali agrees. Just take care of yourself.

Virender thinks of Purvi as he heads home. Sakshi gets happy as soon as she notices Virender. You took so long to come home! The mahurat of puja will be over soon. We have to light diya together. Come. She holds his hand but he throws the puja thaal away. Why did you come back in my life? Did you come to ruin my family? You came to snatch my Bawri and kids from me, right? Nothing would have happened if you hadn’t come back. That Bawri saved your life after 5 years; took care of your husband and your home in your absence but you ended up finishing her! You are no less than a snake! You finished everything. Sakshi says it is she who did all that. I am just trying to gain everything back. Is it wrong to make my husband mine again? He warns her to be quiet. I am not your husband! What you did to me in my inebriated state is a sin! You may have gotten my body but my soul belongs to Bawri. I will love her till my last breath! You have no place in my heart or in my home. Get out of this haveli and my life for forever or I will throw you out right away! She denies. Please don’t do this. I cannot live without you. You know it well. I will do everything to keep you happy. Purvi has left already and wont return. I know you still love me. you are simply ignoring her.

Virender holds her hand. Renu tells him to let go of Sakshi Bhabhi but he pushes her out. Renu asks him why he is throwing her out of the house. Virender tells Sakshi to leave right away. You have no relation with me, my kids and this house! Renu tells him not to do so. Virender tells the servant to make sure Sakshi is never seen here again or he will be fired. He pushes her out of the door. Rneu looks on in shock.

Anjali is telling story to Manas and Juhi. Manas complains that she isn’t telling them the story nicely. Our haathi is a great story teller. Where is she? We haven’t seen her since morning. Anjali lies that she has gone to bring toys for them but Renu tells her not to lie to them. She tells the kids that Purvi has left the house. You two should learn how to live without her! Manas asks them to leave. Juhi nods. We wont hear anything against our haathi. Renu leaves. Anjali goes sadly. Juhi tells Manas there must be a reason why haathi left them. They decide to find her as they cannot live without her. Juhi and Manas pick up Kanha ji’s idol from Purvi’s room and leave the house stealthily.

A lady shows her house to Purvi. No one gives the house on rent to an only woman but I am ready. I will take 5k as rent. Purvi agrees.

Manas asks Juhi where they will find haathi. Juhi says I don’t have an answer to that but haathi says that Kanha ji can tell us everything. Manas agrees. We will find our answer if we will ask with a pure heart. They stand in the middle of the road as they pray to Kanha ji. A van is approaching them. The same landlady saves them just in time. Were you standing there to be killed? Juhi denies. We were praying to Kanha ji to help us find out haathi. The lady asks them if they own an elephant. Manas says she has raised us. Juhi asks her if she knows Choti Mukhiyayini. The lady recognizes who they are referring to.

The landlady brings Manas and Juhi to her house to meet Purvi. She hugs them. They ask her why she left them. We missed you so much and couldn’t sleep without you. They give Kanha ji’s idol to Purvi. Purvi keeps Kanha ji’s idol on table and asks them to sit down.

Virender checks everywhere no one has a clue about Juhi and Manas. He questions the guard. Were you drunk and sleeping last night? I will kill you if anything happens to them. Guard apologizes to Virender but he shushes him. Anjali tells Virender they have checked everywhere but the kids are nowhere to be seen. Renu suggests that they should inform police now. Anjali asks her why she had to tell the truth to kids. You know how much they love Purvi. renu asks her till when would they have fooled the kids. They would have found out sooner or later! Anjali says we could have told them sometime later. Renu retorts that she thinks she is wrong every time. Virender tells them to be quiet. You are fighting in this situation! He reports to Inspector that he cannot find his kids. Don’t know where they would be and in what condition.

Manas and Juhi walk around Purvi. Your first mistake is that you left us without informing us. Secondly, Anjali Chachi was telling us the story in the most boring way. Even the Princess died in that story. Who tells such stories? Purvi says what’s my mistake here if Chachi cannot tell stories properly. Manas says it is. Keep your finger on your lips. I dint even go to loo since last night. Purvi suggests going now but he insists upon giving punishment first. Juhi asks her to make custard. Purvi agrees. Manas asks her to come asap. I cannot control anymore. She agrees when they see an ice cream cart. They get excited but then they see Inspector inquiring the vendor about the kids. They hide inside.

Virender is looking at the album. Everyone has left me! I am all alone. Maybe I am destined to be alone! I dint get mother’s or wife’s love. Don’t know where my kids must be. They left me alone. My Bawri does not trust me. she left me too. I should leave them too as everyone has left me! He throws all the photos in the bin and lights a match. I don’t want anyone either. Leave me alone!


Update Credit to: Pooja

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