Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali : Pallavi Bani Lady Rajinikanth!

Raghav in his study. Keerti rushes to him and says did you see how Pallavi reacted, she is very strict about all this, she will leave you when she finds about this, Raghav says I am thinking same and what if I don’t tell Pallavi anything, only you me and Esha know it, who will tell her and all will be normal.

Esha with Amruta says I will be shifting because I don’t want problem’s for you and your family, Esha gets attacked, Amruta with her gets hurt too. Pallavi passing by sees they are being attacked and throws helmet at the goon and saves them, and asks why is he hitting you who is he, Pallavi, Esha and Amruta try to fight the goon. Pallavi picks a knife from cart and makes a cut on goons hand, Goon runs away. Pallavi says Amruta let’s go home you are injured.

Sulochana asks how did you get hurt Amruta, I am sure this is because of this Esha, you left Pallavi and because of your Raghav, this girl is troubling us, I just don’t want her in this house, Sharda says where will she go, Sulochana says we had police and then goons, now what wait for Murder, Amruta says but she is not at fault, Sulochana says I don’t want her here, she can also fire Amruta if she wants

Farhad tells Raghav about the attack, and they were Sumit’s goon, Raghav says I have to deal with this man in Raghav Rao style.

Pallavi, Amruta try to convince Sulochana, Sulochana says no, and why should I think about her and if Pallavi you are so worried about her take her your house, Pallavi doesn’t answer, Sulochana says see even you don’t want to take such girl home.
Amruta, Sulochana and Sharda walk out and sees Esha isnt there, Amruta says she isnt inside and isn’t picking call too. Pallavi and Amruta look for Esha around.

Sunny meets Sumit, and says I will tell you why I am behind Raghav and sees Raghav and thinks God he can’t see me and says I will go washroom and come back, Raghav sees Sumit and attacks him and hits him hard says leave Hyderabad or else you will have to leave this world and leaves. Sunny sees God I have to stay away from this Sumit or else I will be out.

Pallavi finds Esha sitting alone and crying on a bench, Esha says to Pallavi, Amruta’s mother is right I am problem to them, I can’t trouble your family they are very sweet, Pallavi says don’t worry you will stay with me and Raghav, Esha says you know my past, Pallavi says I know the situation but times are difficult, Esha says how can you believe a stranger, Pallavi says Raghav is my husband now and trust him, he can never cheat me, Esha thinks Raghav has broken her trust long back, may be Raghav hasn’t told her yet

Sunny tells Keerti that, he saw Raghav hit a guy and later found out it was Esha’s ex husband when Raghav says dare you come near Esha, you won’t believe, he was begging Raghav to spare him, Keerti says whats wrong with Raghav.
Farhad says to Raghav why did he attack Sumit, Raghav says forget it, find Esha a new safe home, Pallavi walks in with Esha and says not required she will stay here. Everyone gathers and sees Pallavi with Esha. Pallavi says Esha will stay with us in this house, Jaya looks at Raghav.
.Jaya says do you understand what are you saying, Pallavi says Amma, Kaku threw her out of house and she can’t go old place because her ex would torture her, so I got her here. Pallavi asks Esha to freshen up and settle in room and she will call when dinner is ready.

Milind scolds Sulochana for her behaviour and says how can you behave this way being a mother, Sulochana says I am doing for my daughter and Pallavi took her away, Milind says good Pallavi took her away, now she will take good care of her unlike you, Sulochana says don’t start again, I hate it when you start all about Pallavi, Milind says why can’t I, look at her she is good wife, daughter, daughter in law but you nothing, Sulochana says if I am so bad why stay with me, get out.

Pallavi in her room sees Raghav lost in his thoughts and asks are you thinking about Esha and says sorry I took such big decision without discussing with you, she was crying alone on road so I got her here, Raghav says no girl would do something you did, no one brings ex home, where do you get this strength from, Pallavi says you, your love is my strength and I know you will never break my trust and so I could bring her home and now champi my head I had hectic day.
Pallavi gives Raghav oil and sits in front of her. Raghav gives Pallavi head massage.

Pre cap: Raghav think it’s Pallavi and says J love you, and hugs but it’s Esha
Jaya asks Pallavi why has she brought Esha home, Pallavi says because I trust Raghav.
Esha says to Raghav even she is in problem and so stop calling her culprit and hugs him. Pallavi around looking for Raghav

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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